Darren weaves himself into incorporation’s history

This year’s Selkirk Incorporation of Weavers standard bearer was revealed during Friday night’s AGM at the Town Arms pub.

Darren Miller is congratulated on his appointment by Weavers deacon Mick Quinn.

He’s 41-year-old Darren Miller, a chartered accountant for Buccleuch Property.

Despite not working in the textile trade, Darren has been given the honour after the organisation opened up the criteria for its standard bearers a couple of years ago, allowing entry for those whose parents are members.

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His father Keith Miller is the new provost of the Selkirk Common Riding Trust, and was Weavers standard bearer in 1997 – a day which has been etched in Darren’s memory.

The Incorporation of Weavers has chosen Darren Miller to be this year's standard bearer.

It’s fair to say that Darren is immersed in Selkirk common riding tradition.

He said: “My grandfather Jack McDonald was Royal Burgh Standard Bearer in 1947, and I have been an attendant to the standard bearer twice, in 2008 and 2009.

“So I have done the whole thing on horseback, and have carried the flag as an attendant, but it will be especially nice to take part in the foot procession and cast the Weavers’ flag.

“That day when dad did just that was just fantastic.”

Darren, who attended Knowepark and Selkirk High School, never got the chance to be Royal Burgh Standard Bearer, after he took the decision to marry his sweetheart Karen ... and the couple have two children, Jack, who is eight, and four-year-old Robbie.

And casting the flag itself carries no worries for Darren, who has worked for Buccleuch Property since 2000.

He said: “As attendants, we all have the chance to cast the flag, so I have done it before.

“But it will be a proud moment to do it in front of the crowd on common riding morning.”

Mick Quinn, in his second year of four as the deacon of the Incorporation of Weavers, said that the AGM, and the announcement of the 2019 standard bearer, went well.

He added: “It was fantastic to see new faces, and it looks like we have a couple of new members who we hope can carry on the tradition.

“Darren will do an excellent job, I’m sure.

“He is a super guy, very friendly and outgoing, and he will get on well with the other standard bearers, which for deacons, is a very good thing indeed.”