Derek Llambias disbands Rangers fans board

Derek Llambias has disbanded the Rangers fans board over the publication of minutes from a recent meeting.

Derek Llambias has decided to disband the Rangers fans' board. Picture: John Devlin
Derek Llambias has decided to disband the Rangers fans' board. Picture: John Devlin

Llambias is reported to have emailed the group, which was set up last year after the “Ready to Listen” survey, to inform them of his decision.

The fans board had held a meeting Derek Llambias and Barry Leach last week and the minutes from the meeting which included discussions about the behaviour of the fans and the group the Three Bears, were published online.

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The minutes provoked anger from the Rangers support after it was revealed Llambias had branded the behaviour of Rangers fans at the club’s recent bad tempered AGM as a ‘disgrace’.

He also blamed this for the reason the club had struggled to find an external venue, before going on to add that the original venue in London, Knightsbridge’s Millennium Hotel, had pulled out because of threats made to staff.

Llambias also reiterated the current board’s claims that Dave King would not pass a ‘fit and proper’ person test.

Barry Leach is also made comment on the Three Bears consortium before asking that it be removed from the minutes, which was also recorded in the final published piece.

A Rangers Fans Statement on Facebook revealed: “The RFB were contacted today by email from Mr Llambias to say that he was disbanding the current Rangers Fans Board and would revisit it after the EGM.

“The RFB have noted this and whilst awaiting developments will at this time continue to work together with the fans for the betterment of our great Club.”

Derek Llambias is reported to have stated this morning: ‘I’m going to disband the fan board, if I’m still here after the EGM revisit the whole thing.”