Alex Salmond is taking his Fringe stage show on a UK tour

Alex Salmond is set to take his festival stage show on a UK tour.

Alex Salmond is set to take his festival stage show on a UK tour.

The former First Minister will take his Edinburgh Fringe show to four Scottish venues in March ahead of a performance at Cadogan Hall in London in April.

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The stage show ran for 19 performances at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival - before embarking on a further five shows on a mini-tour last autumn.

The shows will feature music from The Carloways and Sheena Wellington, as well as comedy from Des Clarke and Janey Godley.

Each performance will feature a mystery guest interviewed by Mr Salmond. The London performance will include an interview with Tony Blair’s former spin doctor Alastair Campbell, who Mr Salmond previously interviewed about Brexit on his Russia Today show last year.

Mr Salmond said: “I really enjoy the buzz of the stage shows.

“The whole gang from the Edinburgh Festival will be back in one form or another and we will seek to entertain with some great surprise guests.

“I’m looking forward to interviewing Alastair Campbell in London as the anti-Brexit campaign is just about the first thing we have ever agreed on in politics.”

Alex Salmond will perform at Caird Hall in Dundee at 7.30pm on March 2, Eden Court Theatre in Inverness at 4pm and 8pm on March 3, the Academy Theatre in Linlithgow at 7.30pm on March 9 and at Cadogan Hall in London at 7pm on April 22.