7 things we learned about Scotland this week

WITH so much going on in the week, it is easy to miss out on news. Here are seven important numbers we think you should know.

9,000 is the number of the most piercings in the world

Elaine Davidson, 50, who now works as a nurse in Edinburgh but was originally from Brazil, received the award for most piercing in 2006 with 462 piercingss and 192 in her face alone. It’s now reported that she has over 9000 piercings, although this number is an estimate, the majority of which are in her genitalia. As Davidson was quoted as saying that she doesn’t actually like getting pierced but just simply wants to break the world record.

What are the busiest flight routes in Scotland? Picture: Steven Scott Taylor / JPWhat are the busiest flight routes in Scotland? Picture: Steven Scott Taylor / JP
What are the busiest flight routes in Scotland? Picture: Steven Scott Taylor / JP

2,158 is how many nurses NHS Scotland is short of

The number of empty nursing posts in Scotland has risen by 280 in just three months despite work to stem the shortages becoming a key political issue. The figures come just weeks after Health Secretary Shona Robison announced that 650 new nursing staff will be recruited over this year with 1,000 new NHS Scotland staff due to be hired in total.

Four richest families are wealthier than the poorest 20%

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Oxfam Scotland have released a report saying that the four richest families in Scotland have more combined wealth than the poorest 20 per cent of the rest of the country.

The report also called for members of the Scottish Cabinet, along with senior civil servants, to undertake a poverty training course in a bid to ensure they “understand the realities of living in poverty”.

£21 million a year is how much missed appointments cost the NHS

Scottish healthcare services are loosing more than £21 million a year through missed appointments, it has emerged in a report by NHS Health Scotland.

The scale of hospital appointments classed as DNA - or did not attend - has been revealed in a report which also looks at who is most likely not to turn up for outpatient clinics.

12.2% is how much Glasgow airport passenger traffic increased

The nation’s biggest city is one of the fastest growing airport in Europe for 201, with an increase of 12.2 per cent in passengers flying to and from the terminal.

The principal airport for the nation’s biggest city was the fourth fastest growing airport in its category for the month of August, with annual passenger traffic increasing by 12.2 per cent.

35 points behind - Labour vs SNP

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Despite high hopes for Jeremy Corbyn, Labour is still trailing the SNP by 35 points in the latest voting intention survey, by TNS.

Labour actually fell two points to 21%, with the SNP also seeing a similar decrease but retaining a comfortable majority of 56% in the constituency vote at Holyrood. The Conservatives are unchanged on 12% and the Liberal Democrats are up one point at 6%.

54,000 people flew from Glasgow to Barcelona in July

With a direct flight route from Glasgow Preswick to Barcelona, in the month of July 54,000 people flew to Barcelona. Other top destinations included JFK in New York and Amsterdam.