Leisurewize Olympus 6-Man Inflatable Air Tent review: we test the family tunnel tent from Robert Dyas

A functional and affordable family tent with plenty of living space for four – great for festivals
Leisurewize Olympus 6-Man Inflatable Air TentLeisurewize Olympus 6-Man Inflatable Air Tent
Leisurewize Olympus 6-Man Inflatable Air Tent

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There are a lot of fancy and frankly quite complicated family tents on sale complete with a lot of bells and whistles, and they usually have hefty price tags to match.

If you just want a simple and easy to pitch tent for a family of four - and plan to spend under £500 - Leisurewize’s Olympus 6-person air tent could be a great match for you.

Key specs:

Sleeps: 6

Main material: Polyester

Bedrooms: 2

Weight: 20kg

Pitch time: 15-20 minutes


Inflatable – easy to pitch

Ideal for a family of four

Good price point


Doesn’t sleep 6

Less quality of build than pricier models

Limited room under outside canopy


How difficult is the Leisurewize’s Olympus Air Tent to pitch?

Most of the family tents at this price point use traditional metal poles, but the Olympus is an ‘air’ tent, which makes it very simple and quick to erect.

Lay out the tent flat where you plan to pitch it, inflate the three poles in turn using the included pump, pull the tent up to its full height (this is easier with two people but perfectly possible with one) and peg it out. When testing we found that this design was one of the quickest family tents to erect, and can be ready to go in 15-20 minutes flat.

Bedroom and living room in the Leisurewize’s Olympus tent

This tunnel-style tent has a simple design – enter through the main door, which is protected by a small canopy, and you’ll find a wide living room leading on to two bedrooms.

The living room has decent-sized windows to let in light. It’s a pity the main door doesn’t have a window, but an inner mesh panel in the door can be zipped up to protect from insects while letting light and air in if needed, and all the windows have toggled privacy curtains.

The Olympus tent only has two bedrooms, so while you could technically fit in the six people that Leisurewize reckon it sleeps (and at a pinch this might work for a group of mates heading to a festival), realistically there’s only really room for a family of four or five people, with two or three children sharing one room and parents sharing another.

The toggled divider between the two bedrooms can also be removed, creating one massive bedroom.

On test we liked that there’s a generous 205cm of standing height in living space and the front half of the bedrooms, which not all smaller family tents can boast.

How dark is the Leisurewize’s Olympus 6-person air tent?

Bedrooms aren’t lined with blackout material, so they do let daylight in – if you have kids who tend to wake up with the lark you may want to pick a different design, so that you get more of a lie-in. The living room is ideal for storage or for setting up a few camping chairs, but is a bit too limited space-wise to hold a camping table comfortably.

Weight and portability

The Leisurewize Olympus is listed as weighing 10kg, but we checked and the sample we tested weighed in at closer to 20kg. This weight is still absolutely fine for car camping, and this model can be carried and pitched by one person, so unlike most big family tents you won’t need to corral the whole family to help when it’s pitching time.

It does take a bit of practise to fold the Olympus 6 up correctly to slide it into the included storage bag, but once dismantled and packed away this tent takes up less room than the biggest family tents on the market, so it’s a good choice if you have a smaller car, are heading to a festival or just have limited storage space back at home.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – the Leisurewize Olympus 6-person tent from Robert Dyas stands out as a simple and easy to use tent that’s ideal for a family of four.

Perfect for weekends, kid-friendly festivals or even for setting up in the garden, this two-bedroom tent can be carried and pitched by one person and in 15 minutes, so it’s far easier to pitch than many heavier and bulkier family tents.

It’s a pity there isn’t more living space or a more generous canopy, but if you plan to spend most of your time exploring out-of-doors, this tent will make a great weekend base.

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