The growing Britney Spears trend as fans continue support for troubled pop icon

Britney Spears, pictured, has doting fans who battled to free her from a conservatorship. Picture: AFP via Getty ImagesBritney Spears, pictured, has doting fans who battled to free her from a conservatorship. Picture: AFP via Getty Images
Britney Spears, pictured, has doting fans who battled to free her from a conservatorship. Picture: AFP via Getty Images | AFP via Getty Images

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Some Britney Spears fans have become obsessive over the pop star’s items as the star rebuilds her life after her controversial conservatorship and book revealing secrets about Justin Timberlake.

Britney Spears’ book isn’t the only bestseller that fans are coveting after supporting her through a conservatorship battle. A trend among her ardent supporters has

seen some of her prettiest and most sweet-smelling products snapped up as collector’s items.

Shoppers are buying up the pop icon’s fragrances including Midnight Fantasy, Jungle Fantasy and Fantasy Intimate. Even ‘Britney Spears Perfume Collectors’ groups have popped up on Facebook and the Oops I Did It Again singer’s fragrances are so popular, they are among bestselling Amazon Choice items.

Britney fans have become renowned for being protective of the troubled star, even coming together to petition for her conservatorship to end. They were also vocal in campaigns against Justin Timberlake after revelations in her biography The Woman In Me described him as dumping her soon after persuading her to have an abortion.

Now fans talk about battling to collect all of her perfume range as a way of feeling connected to the icon but also for nostalgic reasons. One fan David bought Midnight Fantasy Eau de Parfum and said: “I think of the singer singing me a fragrant song.”

Some have been collecting bottles of Britney’s parfum for two decades and proudly display glass cabinets full of the colourful fragrance bottles. Others talk about “doing daily Britney Spears perfume searches” online to not miss out.

There’s even a second-hand market for buying and selling discontinued lines for around £50 and more, like bottle of Private Show, launched in 2016. It’s not just in the UK but worldwide, where perfumes differ, including special tour promotions in Japan.

Britney Fantasy perfume promotion on AmazonBritney Fantasy perfume promotion on Amazon
Britney Fantasy perfume promotion on Amazon | Amazon

The most rare perfumes to find, according to hardcore collectors, include Fantasy Twist, Naught and Nice Remixes, the Britney Spears Fantasy Renner Exclusive, Maui Fantasy, a Halloween Edition of Midnight Fantasy and the 2013 Fantasy Anniversary bottle. In terms of widely available fragrances, the most popular by far on Amazon is Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum Spray, with nearly 5,500 high ratings on the UK site.

For fan Ellie getting Britney’s perfume is nostalgic for her: “I’m in my late 20s and I bought this to remind me of primary school discos, slapping it on after PE, drowning in it before seeing Twilight in the cinema etc. The scent hasn’t changed!! It’s still sweet and a bit fruity and so fun!! I’m obsessed honestly. The girls that get it, get it.”

Fans are getting a helping hand with their collections for that perfume as it currently has 44% off at £14 a bottle instead of £25.

Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears perfumeMidnight Fantasy Britney Spears perfume
Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears perfume | Amazon

Midnight Fantasy eau du parfum is also popular and compared to the smell of “Dolly mixtures” sweets by Millie. Taylor called it “her favourite”, adding that “It’s not a long lasting type of perfume but it smells amazing”.

Another fan described the fragrance as “an amazing perfume and throwback”, adding “we love an iconic Britney moment”. Also currently less than half price, instead of its regular price of £40, fans can get it an Amazon offer for £18.45.

Then there is also the bright green bottle of Jungle Fantasy 100ml eau de toilette spray for women, with its price slashed from £39 to £20.99. Shoppers say it reminds them of DKNY’s Be Delicious.

For fans looking to buy Britney Spears’ Circus Fantasy, they can get £5 off as it is on offer for £16.28 on Amazon.

Britney Fantasy perfumes are also available from Boots on special offer for £14 here. Superdrug is selling Fantasy for £18.45 here.