Best snow sled and toboggans UK 2023

Best sleds, sledges, and toboggans for everyone to enjoy in the snowBest sleds, sledges, and toboggans for everyone to enjoy in the snow
Best sleds, sledges, and toboggans for everyone to enjoy in the snow

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The Met Office has warned us that we can expect temperatures to plummet in the coming days. Time to hit the hills with a trusty sled

With this drop in temperature, many areas across the UK are also bracing themselves for the return of snow. Snow provides an opportunity for fun for all the family, as once the white stuff falls many of us are rushing to find a sledge and get out there and enjoy the wintery landscape while it lasts.

What type of sled is right for me?

Snow sleds have evolved a lot in recent years, and the have come a long way since the classic wooden designs from decades ago. Toboggans have a curved front side, and can made of plastic, wood or be inflatable. One of the main reasons why they are so popular is they are relatively easy to control by shifting weight from side to side.

Snow tubes have grown in popularity over the last few years. As they are inflatable that means they are much more comfortable compared to other types of sleds. They have a donut-like shape and elevated edges to give more stability during travel over slopes. Typical snow sledges which are made of wood are also still available on the market - although they are less common now.

What should you look for in a sled, sledge, or toboggan?

You may be thinking you can just grab a large oven pan and hit the slopes on that - and if your bottom is small enough to fit, and you’re gung-ho, maybe that’s a good time. Although from where we’re standing that’s a recipe for bruised knuckles, a sore coccyx, and maybe some serious tumbles - not fun.

Instead, we went looking for sleds that would allow thrills and speed, but also a smooth glide down the slopes - particularly for the parts of the ground that haven’t seen as much snowfall or are littered with twigs and other detritus.

You’ll also be wanting a vessel that’s easy to control - particularly to stop - and one that can accommodate different family members of different sizes. A comfy seat is more important for some than others, but we’ve looked for that, too.

What sleds are available to buy?

We have rounded up a selection of best sleds and slope-vessels available on the market now below - with something for every member of the family and every budget.

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Gorgeous, practical, safe - if you’ve two passengers, even of different sizes, this is the ideal sledge for hours of fun. Made of beech wood, with a metal slide rail, there are two comfy backrests and a pull rope. You can take two kids, or a child and an adult, on a downhill rise.

The backrest is fixed in place and can be easily removed if necessary. The back seat boasts a higher backrest for very small and slightly larger children. So you can enjoy sledging with your little ones without constantly checking to see if you still have your passenger on board!

You may wonder why you’d buy this snow tube when a standard inner tube may suffice for racing down a hill and we say - an inner tube is all well and good until hillside debri rips it to shreds and (most likely) deposits you face first into a pile of snow, with nothing but a sore face and torn rubber to show for it.

Not so for the Sonic Snow Tube. Impressively durable, the sonic has a semi-rigid rubber on the underside, which absorbs the impact of the slopes and any knobbly bits. With moulded handles to allow you to control your voyage - swerve left and right without tipping the tubing over. Yes, you’ll be using your boots to pull to a stop, but this is a much safer, smoother way of getting the adrenaline rush of an inner tube ride down a hill. A pull-cord is provided for ease of racing back up the mountain.

Your children can enjoy sledging and you can have the peace of mind that they are safe with this sledge, which has been specifically designed for children three years or older.

Children can easily steer and stop the sledge using the brakes. When they reach the bottom of the hill, they can quickly go back up by pulling the sledge with the handle too.

Oh, this is seriously cool. More costly, but if you’ve thrill-seekers in the household, this is the ideal sled.

The Parey yooner is ideal for getting up some serious speed as you head downhill. It comes with a belt at the waist, to keep you connected to the machine, so you can control it by putting your uphill hand to the side. To stop, put your hand behind you, and the yooner will swing in a gentle motion. As you get more skilled, alternate hands, allowing you to better control your movement. It’s under 3kg - perfect for ease of carrying. You’ll be up and down the hillside for hours.

With brakes at the feet, to help you stay in control.

This fantastic two pack allows everyone in the family to enjoy a sledge in the snow.

Sledging isn’t just a fun activity for kids, it’s for big kids too - and with this great value duo more than one family member can enjoy sledging side by side.

It’s also made from frost resistant high-density polyethylene, which means it is super durable and will withstand many hours of fun play.

This wooden sledge might have a higher price tag than its plastic counterparts, but that is because of the quality craftmanship that has gone in to making it. It’s ideal if you want to sit comfortably as you sled, complete with a high-back.

It can withstand a sleigh ride, a ski slope and all winter activities, and will hold an adult and child riding together.

It’s a beautiful piece of equipment.

Children and adults alike will have lots and lots of fun on this sturdy sledge, made from frost-resistant high-density polyethylene.

Be ready for the snow as soon as it comes with this great option.

You can choose between a blue, pink or red sledge, and also choose a one or two pack option.

This fun inflatable sledge is perfect for those who want a sled for when the snow comes, but don’t have the space to store one all year round.

It’s made of heavy duty material which is environmentally friendly and has two strengthened handles for ease of movement.

The large size means its suitable for mum, dad and kids.

Available in pink or blue, with prices starting at £17.99.

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