Best phone cases for iPhone 12 2021: which case provides best protection - reviews of Mous, Casely, Aspinal

Best cases for your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 ProBest cases for your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro
Best cases for your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro | Best cases for your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

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If you've just upgraded to the latest iPhone 12, be it the standard, the Pro, the mini, or the Max, you'll be wanting to protect your impressive new kit from drops, scratches, or spillages.

Whether you bought your phone up front, or are spreading the cost with a 24 month instalment plan, your outlay is a substantial one. It's worth protecting your phone from whatever you might put it through.

The iPhone 12 standard and Pro are the same size, while the mini and the Max are – you guessed it – smaller and larger, respectively. Here we're looking at cases that will fit the standard and Pro. If you've purchased a phone already, you'll likely already know their specs are broadly similar, same screen size, same A14 bionic chip, same Face ID. The difference comes in the number of cameras (two on the regular, three on the Pro, with the third being ultra wide angle), and the casing - aluminium on the standard, stainless steel on the Pro.

You can use the same cases for the standard iPhone 12 and the Pro, although frankly we'd seek better shock protection for the Pro, simply due its added expense.

A primary consideration when purchasing a case for your new toy. iPhone 12s use MagSafe wireless charging to charge your phone. We advise buying a MagSafe case if you want to ensure frictionless charging. A non-MagSafe casing will work, but you may have to fiddle a little to ensure it places correctly on the charger.

That all said – for many of us, the primary driver for selecting an iPhone case is style. We've also kept an eye out for cases that look great. After all, you've got a great new bit of kit. You want it to look fantastic, too. 


We've had a Casetify protecting our various phones for the better part of a decade, and they stand up admirably to being dropped on sidewalks (we run, and are somewhat cack-handed), stored in bags with plenty of free-floating accoutrement. 

You can chose the strength of protection offered (Basic, strong, ultimate – we go ultimate, and it serves our clumsy hands well), and from a beautiful selection of designs created by a selection of international artists. Perfect if you're after a case that makes a statement.

It supports wireless charging, but not MagSafe – be advised. 

Evo Clear for Apple iPhone 12

This transparent case is as light as they come. It fits on as tightly, and in doing so it ends up extremely supportive. The lip on the corner of the case provides good shock-protection and helps keep the screen clean from dirt . It doesn't muffle sound, and buttons work through the case well. It's MagSafe charger compatible, too.

Made from biodegradable materials, it is scratch-resistant (if you have a handbag full of detritus, this will work for you).

In terms of transparency, this casing isn't as clear as other transparent versions on the market (look at Mous). We're not keen on the aesthetic of transparent cases, but this is a personal preference – if you want to see your phone, this will work for you. 

Emma Pebble Leather Crossbody Bandolier

Wear your tech with this elegant 'Bandolier' style case. The over the shoulder design is ideal for taking your phone with you everywhere, hands-free.

The leather is suitably luxurious, and the open-face design means answering your phone is a breeze. It doesn't offer shock protection, but this looks chic and is ideal if you want to turn your phone into an accessory for your outfit. 


SkinnyDip offers a range of fashion cases – perfect if you're looking to express your personality through your phone case – which, paired with a glass screen protector, provides impressive protection from being knocked about. 

Indeed, we dropped our phone on the bathroom floor tiles and it wasn't scratched. The anti-shock bumper corners work well, as do the dotted edges, that provide excellent grip. 

Aspinal of London

Full-grain Italian leather in an attractive crocodile style pattern makes this Aspinal case utterly beautiful. The leather is deep shine, and you can personalise the casing with a gold embossed name. If you're after a looker, this is your choice.

All the better, though, the Aspinal provides good, solid protection from bumps and scrapes. The most elegant case we tried. 

Mous Limitless 3.0

If you spend any time on YouTube, you'll likely have seen an ad for Mous, a disrupter company that prides itself on providing shock protection for iPhones with their proprietary material 'AiroShock.' I

n the ads, they throw their phones off road bridges in London and the tapered ridges around the case front ensures that the screen won't shatter.

Mous cases do a great job on the shock protection front, and it is MagSafe compliant. We had to block their emails, though, as their after-care communication is by turns overly chummy and condescending. Impressive case, mind. 

Gear 4 Wembley Flipp

While Mous would be our prime recommendation if you need serious shock protection, we won't pretend it's the cheapest. 

For those who need something that withstand a beating, but doesn't cost the earth, the Gear4 is what we'd opt for. Made from D30, a light, soft, pliable material, it works brilliantly to absorb shocks: when it impacts, the soft material temporarily hardens, to dissipate the shock. \Good for a ten foot drop, it also looks smart. With antimicrobial materials to protect against the touch, this is impressive case for the price. 


Cute and colourful, Casely are great if you're after a cheerful case to cosset your phone. MagSafe compatible, and offering sturdy protection from drops, they're great if you're wanting a stylish casing that will still do the job.

Greenwich Blake Leather Cases

A wallet-style case, Greenwich Blake offers an executive style means of protecting your phone. 

The soft, supple leather is held in place with an electroplated finish, keeping your phone safe. 

This super smart design offer the space to hold two credit cards. We love the feel of the leather and the look of this case. It's not cheap, but you can feel the quality. 

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