Wordle Today: Hints and clues to today’s New York Times puzzle - plus the answer for March 25

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Wordle is the fun and addictive word guessing game - here’s the word for today, March 25

Wordle is a fun word game which has been testing our knowledge of language for many months now. It became hugely popular over the coronavirus lockdown and discussions about the daily answer became commonplace in households and on video calls across the country.

The game which is now owned by the New York Times, is played by millions around the world everyday. There have been over 600 Wordle answers to date.

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The brain-teaser works by challenging users to figure out the daily five letter word. Users are given six guesses to get the five letter word.

You’ll be given a series of hints provided through coloured tiles which help you to see just how close you are to guessing the word. The tiles work as follows:

  • If any of your letters are highlighted as green, that means you’ve got the right letter in the right place
  • If any of the letters are highlighted as yellow, that means the letter is in the word, but it’s in the wrong place
  • If any of your letters are highlighted as grey, it means that letter isn’t included anywhere in the secret word

Clues to Wordle answer on March 25 2023

Today’s Wordle is a noun which starts with the letter V. It is a type of person who engages in democracy.

If you are still stumped but don’t want to lose your streak, scroll down for the answer to today’s puzzle…

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Wordle answer for March 25

Today’s Wordle is Voter. This is someone who goes and votes in an election.

Wordle can be accessed on laptops, smartphones and tablets. To play along, visit the New York Times website.

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