What to expect from the latest iOS 11.3 update

Apple’s new iOS 11.3 is now available to download.

The latest update for iPhone users looks set to bring major new changes including an immersive augmented reality experience, dragon and lion Animoji and clearer data and privacy information.

If you’ve not downloaded the latest update yet, here is what else to expect with the new iOS 11.3 update.

More transparent data and privacy information

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Users are aware than ever before of the value of their online data and privacy so in a bid to improve transparency with customers and Apple the company has updated their data and privacy information to make it easier and clearer for users to understand.

An augmented reality experience

One of the biggest and most advance updates to iPhones and iPads will give hundreds of millions of users access to a new augmented reality software. The ARKit looks set to become the world’s biggest AR platform and combines a real world environment with an “augmented” computer generated image, so for example users will be able to bring a movie poster to life or fill a museum with interactive exhibits.

New Animoji

iPhone X users have been able to create and share animated emoji, or ‘Animoji’, which users their voice and facial expressions since it was launched last year, and after the success of the singing pig or talking fox, Apple have now added new Animoji for users including the dragon, bear, lion and skull.

Battery health advice

The new updates won’t improve the lifespan of your phone but new features will show the health of the phone’s battery and advise if the battery needs to be serviced. Users will also have access to the power management feature which manages maximum performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Chat with businesses

Some functions of the new update are currently only available in certain countries and in the US and Canada a new messaging service, Business Chat, will give users the ability to contact businesses directly through chat service and pay for items through Apple Pay.

View medical records

The Health Records app is also only available in the US at present, however, the new technology will give patients better access to their records including lab results, medications, conditions and more. Currently more than 40 health systems including Duke, NYU Langone, Stanford and Yale have signed up to the new service.