What reviews are saying about ABBA Voyage - and how to get tickets to the 2022 concert

ABBA found themselves skyrocketed into fame after they won the Eurovision Song Content (Photo: PA)ABBA found themselves skyrocketed into fame after they won the Eurovision Song Content (Photo: PA)
ABBA found themselves skyrocketed into fame after they won the Eurovision Song Content (Photo: PA)

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Swedish quartet ABBA have finally released one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year - Voyage.

The new album marks the first new material from the group in almost four decades, but the group hasn't stopped there.

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ABBA also announced the Voyage concert, an experience that “blurs the lines between real and the digital”.

This is everything you need to know.

What’s the Voyage tracklist?

In early September, the official tracklist for Voyage was released by the official ABBA Twitter account.

The tracklist goes as follows:

  • I Still Have Faith In You
  • When You Danced With Me
  • Little Things
  • Just A Notion
  • I Can Be That Woman
  • Keep An Eye On Dan
  • Bumblebee
  • No Doubt About It
  • Ode To Freedom

What are reviews saying?

So far, critics have released fairly mixed reviews in regards to the highly anticipated new album.

Helen Brown, from the Independent, gave the album four out of five stars, and wrote: “[Voyage is] a terrific, family-friendly smorgasbord of a record that delivers all the classic ABBA flavours.”

On the other hand, Jude Rogers from the Guardian, gave the new offering from ABBA a much less generous rating of two out of five stars in a review titled “No thank you for the music”.

“Rather than reflecting poignantly on the past, much of the rest of Voyage feels terminally stuck there,” she wrote.

The Times reviewer Ed Potton had kinder things to say about the album, with a four out of five star rating, writing: “Voyage is a reassuringly familiar blend of clear-eyed sentiment, outrageous musicality and utter indifference to fashion.”

Ben Cardew from Pitchfork also had positive things to say, writing: “A second-string ABBA record is far better than most pop groups can muster, and Voyage is the rare post-reformation album to build upon the band’s legacy without abandoning what we loved about their classic records in the first place.”

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NME reviewer Nick Levine gave Voyage a middle of the road review with a rating of three out of five stars.

“There are some bumpy moments along the way, but this ‘Voyage’ is a nostalgia trip worth taking,” he wrote.

How to get tickets for the 2022 concert

ABBA Voyage the concert is described as a performance “like no other”.

The announcement for the concert states: “Join us for a concert 40 years in the making. A concert that combines the old and new, the young and not-so-young. A concert that has brought all four of us together again.

“ABBA Voyage is the long-awaited concert from one of the biggest pop acts of all time. See ABBA's avatars accompanied by a 10-piece live band, in a custom-built arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.”

So while the four members of ABBA will not be physically present during the concert, you’ll see their avatars (or ABBA-tars) performing.

Concert tickets went live at 10am on Tuesday 7 September, with pre-sale tickets available the day before on Monday 6 September at 10am.

You can get tickets from official ticket vendor Ticketmaster.

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