Weather forecaster predicts April heatwave

Could we be in for a scorching hot April? Well, some weather forecasters (and tabloid newspapers) seem to think so. - one of a wave of forecasting websites that have sprung up in recent years - are predicting a "schorchio" April - although as they've misspelled 'scorchio', we can't be sure if they are to be trusted.

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Anyway, the site reckons that from this week and into the middle of April, much warmer conditions are set to push into the UK. They have spotted a large area of high pressure which will draw up air from the Mediterranean for a time towards the middle of the month.

They admit to "some uncertainties," pointing out that "places further South West may hold onto residual wet, dull weather."

However, they are upbeat about areas further east and north east, adding "the chance of some mid April proper warmth is really on the rise!"

But perhaps we shouldn't dig out the swimsuits just yet. AccuWeather has predicted that by April 14, London temperatures could reach 15.5 degrees Celsius - almost double last year's parky average of 8, but not exactly scorching. Although by April 26 the mercury could creep up as high as 17 degrees.

The Met Office itself is a little more circumspect - predicting drier and more settled weather but with average temperatures towards the middle of the month, and offering "low confidence" for the second half of April - yes, warmer days during settled periods, but also showers, and even night frosts.

So, just regular British 'weather' then...