Wakey Wines viral TikTok shop owner responds after police drugs raid: All we sell is “Prime & WFD sweets”

The owner of ‘Wakey’ Wines, the shop that went TikTok viral for selling Prime drinks at inflated prices, has spoken out to his ‘hater’ following a police drugs raid

Convenience store Wakefield Wines, which has gone viral on the likes of TikTok and Twitter in recent months, has responded after the store was raided by police looking for class A drugs. Sniffer dogs were said to have been used in the search of the premises.

The West Yorkshire store gained notoriety, and a subsequent huge following, after being accused of selling Prime Hydration drink, a creation by Youtubers Jake Paul and KSI, for heavily inflated prices. In January, the shop was also banned from TikTok for a short time over the accusations.

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Wakefield Wines, better known as ‘Wakey Wines’, was reportedly searched by West Yorkshire Police with a warrant at 3.15pm on Friday. The shop’s owner, Mohammad Azir Nazir, said police entered with sniffer dogs and shut the store down for 90 minutes but left without finding anything.

In a TikTok, Nazir showcases a document provided by the police showing no drugs were found in the shop. Despite disrupting business for a short time, he still thanked the authorities for doing their jobs.

Wakefield WinesWakefield Wines
Wakefield Wines | Wakefield Express

In the video, Nazir also addressed his ‘haters’ and said: "I’m still here, you won’t get rid of me, mate." He also made a reference to his past, when he was a drug dealer and spending eight years in jail, stating he has "left that life behind".



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