UK’s smallest town transformed into Oktoberfest-style party complete with Bavarian processions, pretzels and bratwurst

The population of Llanwrtyd Wells, the UK’s smallest town, woke up to the sights, sounds and scents of a Bavarian wonderland this weekend – as the entire village was turned into an Oktoberfest-style party.

The population of Llanwrtyd Wells, the UK’s smallest town, woke up to the sights, sounds and scents of a Bavarian wonderland this weekend – as the entire village was turned into an Oktoberfest-style party.

Designed in partnership with the director of the Bavarian National Museum, Florian Seidel, residents were treated to oompah bands, processions and beer tents in a Teutonic takeover.

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The authentic taste of Germany was delivered through pretzels, bratwurst and ‘kellners’ serving steins to celebratory residents.

Residents of Llanwrtyd Wells, wake up to an enchanting Bavarian wonderland as PerfectDraft brings the magic of Oktoberfest to the smallest town in the UK in a bid to show consumers how they can celebrate at home. 25th September 2021

Beloved German exports

The festival comes after research found that it’s not just Oktoberfest Brits love about Germany, with Christmas markets, pretzels – and bicycles also appearing on a list of the best German exports.

Other top things to come from the country include Ludwig van Beethoven, supermodel Heidi Klum and luxury carmakers BMW and Audi.

A spokesperson for PerfectDraft, which created the mini-festival and also gifted residents their own draught beer machines, said: “Outside of Germany we know the UK are the number one Oktoberfest fans.

“With it being cancelled for the second time in a row, this year we wanted to go beyond bringing great Oktoberfest draught beer to people’s homes, and really encourage Brits to turn their living rooms and kitchens into their own beer tents.”

The research of 2,000 adults also found Brits get through three pints each during a typical week – with lagers most popular in the north and south west.

Stout, meanwhile, is most enjoyed by those in the East Midlands, while IPAs go down best in the north east and West Midlands.

A taste of Bavaria

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Florian Seidel, director of Bavarian National Museum, added: “I’m so happy we’ve been able to bring our iconic Oktoberfest to fans in the UK.

“PerfectDraft has been a gracious host bringing a true sense and taste of Bavaria to this small town in Wales.

“I’m glad we’re able to celebrate our traditions - and more importantly our beer - in style this year.”

PerfectDraft has created two limited edition Festbier kegs, brewed once a year for Oktoberfest. Beers include Lowenbrau Oktoberfest, and secondly, Spaten Oktoberfest.

In addition to the limited-edition Oktoberfest beer kegs, four exclusive candles have also been developed to bring the enticing aromas of Bavaria into your home scents include; Lederhosen, Bavarian Field, Pretzel and The Tent.

For more details on how to celebrate Oktoberfest at home, including limited edition kegs and candles, alongside insightful videos visit the Oktoberfest Hub on Beer Hawk here.


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1.            Albert Einstein

2.            Christmas markets

3.            Christmas trees

4.            Beer

5.            BMW

6.            Audi

7.            Adidas

8.            Ludwig van Beethoven

9.            Bicycles

10.          Contact lenses

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11.          Johann Sebastian Bach

12.          Record players

13.          Oktoberfest

14.          Michael Schumacher

15.          Bratwurst

16.          Dr Oetker

17.          Gummy bears

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18.          Pretzels

19.          Fanta

20.          Hugo Boss

21.          Puma

22.          Jurgen Klopp

23.          Bayern Munich

24.          Kraftwerk

25.          Marlene Dietrich

26.          Beer steins

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27.          Coffee filters

28.          Birkenstocks

29.          Angela Merkel

30.          Franz Beckenbauer

31.          Hans Zimmer

32.          Sauerkraut

33.          Karl Marx

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34.          Heidi Klum

35.          JOOP!

36.          Sebastian Vettel

37.          Fritz Lang

38.          Karl Lagerfeld

39.          Diane Kruger

40.          Nico