Top tips for home working mental health protection

Keep a healthy mind when home working

Important to protect mental health when working from home

With World Mental Health Day on October 10 bringing the need for a healthy mind into sharp focus have compiled their top tips if you find yourself, or you are still, working from home.

Top tips for mental well-being

Tip one is making group calls. They advise regular calls with colleagues to catch up about how your evening has gone and what you’ll be working on throughout the day. When you’re in the office these conversations are natural and regular and can be one of the things you miss when working from home.

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Tip number two is to take regular breaks. Sometimes when working from home you can feel pressured into always being available and might skip breaks or lunch so that people don’t think you’re slacking off. They recommend scheduling regular breaks so that you can recuperate.

Tip three is to create a morning routine. One luxury of working from home is being able to roll out of bed and go straight to your desk. However, after long periods of time this can mean you miss out on looking after yourself in small ways. Take the time to relax, shower, and do all the things you usually would before starting work.

Tip four is to leave the house. They say it’s important to get outside and not stay cooped up indoors. Contrary to popular belief you can go for a walk without a pet so don’t let that stop you! Keeping your body active, fresh air and new scenery can help your mind a lot. However, it is important to follow the government guidelines around COVID-19 and to remember that isolation, quarantine and social distancing are all different things.

And finally tip five, have a designated working space. They say this is imperative to being able to separate work from home life. By having an area where you work it means you ensure you are in the mind-set to get your work done and then at the end of the day switch off completely. If working long hours make sure you have a supportive chair, place to rest your computer and correct lighting.

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