Top 10 educational children's programmes - are your youngsters watching them?

With home schooling being part of many people’s lives, parents have been turning to TV and online channels to help them with lessons.

A survey of 2,100 parents has revealed Alphablocks on CBeebies was the most popular educational programme for children aged five and under.

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Horrible Histories was named the most beneficial programme for children between six and 10.

Horrible Histories started life as a series of books and as well as being turned into a TV series it has also spawned live stage shows.

YouTube was revealed as the most popular medium among children, as almost three-quarters of parents admitted to being concerned about screen time.

The top 10 shows for children up to five were:1.Alphablocks – CBeebies -2 Ask the Storybots– Netflix3 Numberblocks – CBeebies4 Octonauts – CBeebies / Netflix5. Sesame Street – YouTube6 The Magic School Bus Rides Again – Netflix7 Go Jetters - CBeebies8 Something Special – CBeebies9 Khan Academy Kids – YouTube10 Word Party– Netflix

The top 10 shows for children between six and 101 Horrible Histories – CBBC2 Blue Peter – CBBC3 National Geographic Kids – YouTube4 Newsround – CBBC5 The Inbestigators – Netflix6 BBC Earth – YouTube/BBC7 Deadly 60 – CBBC8 Walking with Dinosaurs BBC / NetflixYou VS Wild – Netflix - 60%10 Ted-Ed – YouTube

Despite the majority of the top beneficial shows being on broadcast TV, less than a third of parents stated that broadcast television was the main medium via which their children watched shows.

The survey was carried out by

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