Tik-tok star shares savvy McDonald’s Happy Meal hack to get 8 nuggets and a heap of sides for less than £6

A Tik-tok star has shown his followers a clever way to get more Mc Donald’s nuggets for less

A McDonald’s superfan has taken to Tik-tok to share a clever hack which will get two more chicken nuggets and a heap of sides for £2 less than the standard meal. Ashley Osbourne, known online as @ozzy_on_a_mission regularly shares savvy hacks on Tik-tok to help his followers get more bang for their buck.

In a new and updated McDonald’s hack video, Osbourne visits his local McDonalds branch to show his viewers how to get more McNuggets for less. He takes to the self-order machine while talking his Tik-tok followers through the process.

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He said: “Here’s a McDonalds hack you all need to know about. A large Mc nugget meal is £6 but if you get two chicken nugget happy meals, with two drinks, two fries and eight nuggets it’s cheaper.”

He then shows the viewers that the total of the Happy Meal option comes to £5.98 - two pence cheaper than the standard medium McDonalds meal.

Tik-tok fans loved McDonald’s hack video which raked in more than 250,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments.

One person commented: “You forgot the 2 toys! Bonus”

Another said: “Bargain!”

A third put: “Been doing it for years.”

Since the first video, Osbourne has shared other McDonald’s hacks including a way to get four chicken selects for less by buying two £1.99 wraps of the day, instead of a six-box of selects.



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