This is why Chris Evans has been absent from Virgin Radio

Chris Evans has been absent from Virgin Radio in recent days (Getty Images)Chris Evans has been absent from Virgin Radio in recent days (Getty Images)
Chris Evans has been absent from Virgin Radio in recent days (Getty Images)

Fans of Chris Evans are voicing their concern after the veteran DJ was absent from his show slot for a second week.

Evans typically hosts the breakfast show with Virgin Radio but he was rushed to hospital last week.

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Sam Pinkham who has eben standing in for the veteran host shone light on Evans’ absence, while Evans has explained his illness to the Daily Express.

Why is Chris Evans off? 

Chris Evans, 54, explained to the Daily Express on February 10 that he was suffering from kidney stones – an illness which he initially mistook for trapped wind.

He said: “[I] thought I had trapped wind and general ‘man pain’ most of Saturday.

“Took paracetamol and waited for nature to take its course. That didn't happen. Late Saturday night my wife called 111 and we were advised to go to A&E. Which we did.”

After undergoing scans he said “It was clear I had a kidney stone on the move.”

“I was subsequently admitted to a ward where I was looked after until I came back home on Monday evening."

Evans took the opportunity to thank NHS staff, saying: “All the NHS doctors, nurses, porters and consultants were typically amazing, professional, warm, caring - all wrapped up in their usual blanket of selflessness and hilarity.”

“Thank you; Shirley, Gabriella, Dan, Sister Sue, Alex, Hazel, Violet, Rose, Fernando, Jessie, Louise, Juna, Molly, Mr. Robinson, The great and powerful Mr Bhardwa, Paul from the RAF (who was helping out due to COVID).

What has Sam Pinkham said? 

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Sam Pinkham has been standing in for Evans during the usual host’s illness.

"If you’ve just tuned into us here on Chris Evans’ radio show, he went into hospital over the weekend with stomach pains”.

Speaking last Tuesday Pinkham suggested that Evans would return on Monday, though this hasn’t been realised.

Pinkham also went on to poke fun at Evans’ illness, reading out an awkwardly timed news story.

He said: “If Chris Evans is listening, he is going to love this,

“Researchers have objectively assessed that having kidney stones is more painful than being in labour.

"Women that have gone into labour and had kidney stones have said the latter was more painful.”

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