This Instagram analyser app tells you who has viewed your profile

This app allows users to monitor who has viewed their Instagram profile - but is it too good to be true? (Photo: Shutterstock)

A controversial third-party app that allows users to track and analyse the activity of their Instagram followers is now available to download for iOS devices - if you are willing to pay up to £26 for the information.

What does it do?

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Ig Analyzer gives iPhone and iPad owners to see who has viewed their profile in real-time.

The app also makes it easy to see if your account has been blocked by any other Instagram users, as well as to find out who is not following you back.

In-depth data tracking means that users can easily do everything from view their total likes on photos to see who has unliked a post.

Is it in line with Instagram's privacy policy?

Instagram do acknowledge in their privacy policy that they use third-party analytics tools to measure traffic and trends.

Offering Instagram users the ability to see who has viewed their account, the third-party Ig Analyzer app may go against Instagram's privacy policy

However, the company's official line is that they combine user data and keep it anonymous "so that it cannot reasonably be used to identify any particular individual user."

This suggests that apps like Ig Analyzer compromise the privacy of Instagram users and go against the social media platform's values.

“Ig Analyzer is not affiliated with Instagram," said an Instagram spokesperson.

"Users should never give third party apps their Instagram passwords.

"Third-party apps that are approved by Instagram will never ask you for your password within their app - they will always direct back to the main Instagram app.”

What's the catch?

Although free to download, Ig Analyzer requires in-app payments to function fully, with costs ranging between $4.99 (around £3.62) and $35.99 (£26.10).

Several reviews in the App Store mention that users were unable to see who had viewed their Instagram profile without first paying an annual fee.