These are the best new Christmas movies to watch on Netflix and Disney+

As we look forward to forming our Christmas bubbles and finally welcoming a short stint of normality, you might be thinking of how to spend the cold winter nights?

Despite the lack of festive movies appearing on the big screen this year, there are still a number of new releases to get you into the Christmas spirit.

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It’s time to snuggle up, sip hot chocolate and watch the latest Christmas movies.

Operation Christmas Drop - available now

This rom-com is largely based on the US humanitarian Christmas appeal, during which congressional aide clashes - in a typically romantic way- with the captain overseeing the Christmas drop mission.

Rated - U

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey – available now

A feel-good Christmas musical, Jingle Jangle tells the story of a down-on-his-luck toy maker who receives a festive visit from his granddaughter - a bright and youthful girl who has all the answers. Filled to the brim with love and spirit, it has all the festive feels we need!

Rated - PG

The Princess Switch: Switched Again – available now

Starring Vanessa Hudgens, part three of The Princess Switch is a rom-com love story about how a doppelganger rekindles a dwindling love. The perfect girls night in watch.

Rated - PG

Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square – available now

As if we didn’t love Dolly enough already, the country singer has delivered a little taste of Christmas early with this story of a scrooge-like woman who intends to sell a town without consideration for its residents. That is, until an angel intervenes.

Rated: PG

The Christmas Chronicles 2 – available now

Meddling kids, Kate and Teddy, intend to kidnap Santa on Christmas Eve, but when their plans fall through, things take a festive twist, resulting in them helping Mr Claus save Christmas.

Rating: PG

The Prom – December 11

A star-studded cast including Meryl Streep and James Corden get together for this heartwarming story of a girl desperate to go to prom. Despite not being a Christmas film - the singing, dancing and flashing lights are still worth a watch.

Rating: PG

Sky Christmas and Now TV

Last Christmas – available now

This love story was released in cinemas in 2019, and ison NOW TV this year. Set in a Christmas shop, it tells the story of a girl and the boy she keeps chasing - with an ending no one expects.

Rating: PG

Happiest Season – December 19

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Not your typical feel-good festive watch, Happiest Season is about a woman who plans to propose to her girlfriend while celebrating with her family. All seems well until she realises her girlfriend has not revealed her sexuality to her conservative parents. A thought-provoking drama about self acceptance and the pressures to please others.

Rating: 12

Moomins and the Winter Wonderland – December 21

Despite being released in 2019, this movie has only just become available on NOW TV.Moomins Valley goes to sleep for Winter, but one Moominstroll stays awake to watch the creatures roam throughout the colder period, when he realises there is a special visitor due to arrive in the village.

Rating: U

Disney Plus

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special – available to watch now

The biggest event in the Galactic calendar - Life Day - has come around and Rey is transported back in time to visit the memorable moments of the Skywalker saga while she fights to return to the present day. A brilliant retake of the original 1978 festive special.

Rating: PG

Noelle – Available now

A comical take on the story of Santa’s inheritance,Santa’s daughter Noelle is desperate to do something as special on December 25 as her brother Nick, who is preparing to take the reins from his dad. When her brother fails miserably at Santa training, Noelle offers a helping hand - but will Nick manage to deliver Christmas?

Rating: PG

Godmothered – December 4

An inexperienced fairy godmother-in-training tries to prove that people still need fairy godmothers. This movie combines the magical themes of Cinderella with Disney’s witty humour, making for a fun family watch.

Rating: PG

Soul – December 25

A feel good drama delivered on Christmas itself, this animation shares the story of a high-school music teacher with a passion for Jazz. When he loses his passion, he goes on a journey to find out what having Soul really means.

Rating: PG

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