The Google Glass is now widely available for businesses - but when can I buy one?

Google Glass hasn't been commercially successful since it was first unveiled seven years ago, and many claim that the wearable tech was too far ahead of its time.

But the niche product has actually proved popular with certain enterprises, such as construction, factory floors, logistics and in the medical field.

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Today, Google announced that those keen to purchase their Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 can do so directly from Google hardware retailers.

What does this mean?

This doesn't mean you'll be seeing Google Glass for sale in high street shops anytime soon, but it does mean that the product has proven to have real benefits for enterprise and business.

Jay Kothari, the Google Glass project lead, wrote, “Since Glass Enterprise Edition 2 launched last May, we’ve seen strong demand from developers and businesses who are interested in building new, helpful enterprise solutions for Glass.

“In order to make it easier for them to start working with Glass, they can now purchase devices directly from one of our hardware resellers.”

When will I be able to buy Google Glasses?

Glass was intended to be a magic eye on the real world - a mass marketed augmented reality headset - but this has been surpassed by Google Lens, available as an Android app.

The original idea created too many complications when it came to privacy and functionality so Google reinvented the tool for the workplace, assisting a variety of professionals such as surgeons and architects.

It doesn't seem that Google Glass is going to be available to the everyday consumer any time soon - but this move to allow developers to buy the product directly from Google is opening up a new market for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Although this is a step closer to Google Glass being an every day technology, for now the public will have to wait and see how successful this is. After that, Google may well start bringing their Glass models back into our high street tech shops.

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