Terrifier 2: The film franchise making horror fans ‘faint in fear’ - how to watch it this Halloween, cast list

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Cinemagoers have been fainting with fear ever since Terrifier 2 released - but now you can watch it from your own home this Halloween.

Terrifier has cemented its place as one of the scariest and most gut-wrenching horror franchises in history when it first hit our screens in 2016. But now Art the Clown is back for blood in Terrifier 2 - just in time for Halloween.

After a combination of private investment and a crowdfunding campaign, Terrifier 2’s release date was officially confirmed. The movie was released at FrightFest, hitting a limited number of cinemas across the US from August 29, and has been incredibly well received.

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Rotten Tomatoes has rated the movie a high 87%, whilst IMDB has given Terrifier 2 a solid 6.5 out of 10. Letterboxd awarded the horror a 3.3 out of 5 whilst it has a Metacritic viewer score of 7.8 out of 10.

Viewers have taken to the sheer gore and jump scares that has caused them to literally faint in fear, as well as vomiting. It got to the point that Damien Leone, who is the director of Terrifier, had to come out and say: “I do not want people getting hurt during the movie. Listen, I would have loved to have a couple of walk-outs, I think that’s sort of a badge of honour because it is an intense movie, I don’t want people fainting. It’s surreal.”

The spooky film centres on the nightmarish horror villain of Art the Clown, who is not only sadistic and murderous but also incredibly frightening. Especially when backed by its creepy synth soundtrack, Art - who is played by David Howard Thornton - does not speak a single word throughout the movie.

Horror fanatics will be happy to know that even though Terrifier 2 has not been released in UK cinemas, it is now available to stream from the comfort of your own home. And with the arrival of Halloween, what better film to binge on the scariest day of the calendar year.

How to watch Terrifier 2

As Terrifier 2 is not available at UK cinemas, the only chance you can watch it this Halloween is on the small screen, where it is available to be streamed, rented and purchased. You can rent the film through Amazon Prime Video for £4.49. Rented titles stay in your video library for 30-days from the date of the rental, however, once you press play on the rented title, you have just 48-hours to watch it. Some titles do have longer viewing periods.

You will also be able to purchase Terrifier 2 via Prime Video at £9.99 and if you are more of a collector or prefer owning physical copies of movies, Terrifier 2 is available to be purchased on  DVD or Blu-ray. Visit the Amazon website to rent or purchase Terrifier 2.

Full cast list of Terrifier 2

Terrifier 2 boasts a talented cast of actors and actresses that help bring Damien Leone’s vision to life. The following are some of those starring in Terrifier 2. To view the full cast list, visit the IMDB website.

  • Lauren LaVera as Sienna
  • David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown
  • Jenna Kanell as Tara Heyes
  • Catherine Corcoran as Dawn
  • Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Hayes
  • Kailey Hyman as Brooke
  • Katie Maguire as Monica Brown
  • Casey Hartnett as Allie



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