St Pancras Hotels Group Opens Fetching Rooms to Pup-Lovers

Furry paws welcome!

St Pancras Hotels group has opened it doors to your furry friends! Everyone deserves a little holiday. The Hotel Group is offering exclusive room rates from £169, with three dog-friendly packages to choose from £30 per dog.

St Pancras Hotels Group has opened its door to furry friends

Choose the Love Pup package at £30 which includes a cosy dog bed and an upgraded "doggybag" by Bob & Lush.

The treat bag contains 100g kibble sample, 100g lamb wet food and 85ml gravy. For an extra £10, opt for the Buster & Bone package- which includes a scrumptuous bone from the kitchen.

A perfect stay for your pet

We all know dogs are a little extra. This is why we've introduced the Pup Diva package at £50, which includes Bob & Lush Chef's meal served in the room. The package is complete with pork and apple sausage canapes.

If you're visiting in the New Year, pups can enjoy roast chicken or pork with carrots and brocolli. the menus are human grade, fresh chef cooked restaurant style meals, and treats, topped off with a bowl of puppy-safe Rosé.

Get ready for a paw-fect stay with st Pancras Hotel Group.