Snapchat users can now keep a virtual pet - and it's part pug, part butterfly

Snapchat users are now able to use the world's first augmented reality (AR) Snapchat pet - the 'puggerfly'.

Part pug, part butterfly, the cute creature grows from a fun little ball-chasing puppy right through to a fully-fledged flying Puggerfly in seven days.

It's the mascot for mobile phone network Three's latest campaign promoting their 'Go Binge' bundle and has been created in conjunction with Snapchat owners Snap as they launch Lens Studio - a new shoppable AR feature that will allow advertisers to display and sell products through the app.

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    Puggerfly will feature as the world’s first ever storytelling lens. It allows users to access different consecutive lenses in seven days to nurture and love their Puggerfly as he grows.

    Snap’s 12 million UK daily active users will be able to interact with the animated dog no matter what network they are on. Like a real dog owner, users can feed Puggerfly treats, play ball with it, enjoy sloppy dog kisses and even watch it twerk to dance music.

    Claire Valoti, Vice-President of International Sales at Snapchat, said: “Millions of people play with augmented reality every day on Snapchat and we think they’ll adore Puggerfly. Each day they’ll find a new Lens in the carousel that day-by-day builds their relationship with their new AR pet over the course of a week. It’s the first time a brand has used multiple Lenses in this way to tell a character-driven story and we think it’s very powerful.”

    Puggerfly will launch on Snapchat on April 26, 2018 and will be available to all UK Snapchat users for seven days, whatever network they may be on, with a new lens experience revealed each day. If you miss any of the exclusive lenses then you can still get hold of them via the Snapcodes that will be incorporated into the UK wide advertising and media campaign.

    Past campaigns

    Puggerfly isn't the first cute critter Three has used in its marketing. Previous campaigns have featured a dancing Shetland pony and a cute/horrifying animated sloth/dolphin hybrid.

    The Financial Times reported this month that an insider pointed to Three's cute campaigns as a historical barrier to the firm's expansion into the business market - an area they are reportedly targeting as part of their growth strategy.

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