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BuddyPhones Cosmos+
BuddyPhones Cosmos+

Great gadgets & black Friday deals:

Airthings Wave Plus Smart Radon Detector 2nd generation

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Reduced by 41 per cent from £169.99 to £98.99 from Amazon - during Black Friday week – November 22 – November 26!

Airthings Wave Plus Smart Radon Detector 2nd generation

The Airthings Wave Plus is the first wirelessly connected and battery-operated indoor air quality monitor with radon detection and sensors which measure VOC’s, CO2, temperature, humidity and air pressure.

Measuring radon gas levels has become a public health concern as it is found in every home and is the leading cause of cancer in non-smokers.

The Airthings Dashboard includes interpretation of your indoor air quality data with alerts and tips to reduce indoor air hazards, optimize ventilation and save on energy costs.

The Wave Plus comes with a free mobile app which is simple and easy to set up and brings your indoor air quality data and radon levels to your fingertips.

Versatile for offices, schools, homes or any public space, the Wave Plus is a great addition for improving air quality which is linked to increased productivity, energy levels and decreasing absenteeism.

EZVIZ 3MP Smart Video Doorbell

Available from Amazon RRP £139.99 reduced by 36 per cent to £89.99 from 22nd to 29th November

EZVIZ 3MP Smart Video Doorbell
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The EZVIZ 3MP Smart Video Doorbell is a Wi-Fi video doorbell designed with a 3MP lens that can capture a 180-degree vertical field of view, so users can see visitors from head to toe and see deliveries left on the doorstep in high quality video.

It overcome blurry imaging and blind spots, issues which are common with other smart video doorbells. The EZVIZ 3MP Smart Video Doorbell initiates a video call via the EZVIZ App on a user’s smartphone when a visitor rings the bell, so the door can be answered anywhere, at any time, even when miles away.

To add an extra layer of security, the EZVIZ 3MP Smart Video Doorbell sends an instant alert to a connected smartphone when it detects any human movement thanks to its built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) human detection sensor.

With remote viewing and two-way talk capabilities, users can see and communicate with visitors whilst the customizable detection area feature allows users to keep watch on important areas thus reducing false alarms.

EZVIZ C8C outdoor pan/tilt Wi-Fi camera

EZVIZ C8C outdoor pan/tilt Wi-Fi camera

Taking a step forward in all-around home protection – available from Argos RRP £109.99 reduced by 40 per cent to £65.99 from 26th to 29th November

Leave no blind spots in the coverage of your outdoor premises with the Ezviz C8C Full HD 1080p WiFi Outdoor Security Camera. It can pan and tilt, allowing you to see in any direction, day and night.

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This orb-shaped camera has a durable construction that can withstand any weather including heavy rain or snowfall. The resistance to elements is evidenced by its IP65 certification.

It offers a high quality picture in Full HD resolution and a complete 360-degree field of view, as it can be pointed in any direction and can tilt up and down.

There's also a range of smart features that help you stay safe. It has colour night vision, integrated microphone and AI-powered human detection.

When an intruder is detected, not only you'll receive a notification, but you can also set its LEDs in strobe mode to scare away the unwelcome visitors.

Download the Ezviz App on your tablet or smartphone and use it to remotely control and adjust the Ezviz C8C Full HD 1080p WiFi Outdoor Security Camera. You can also see live feed of the camera, turn on or off the light and review past incidents.


Nexar Beam GPS Full HD 1080P Dash Cam

Nexar Beam GPS Full HD 1080P Dash Cam - available from Nexar reduced from £99.95 - £77.19 during Black Friday week 22nd November to 26th November using code BFBEAM22

Nexar Beam GPS is a sleek and compact plug and play dash cam that can easily be concealed behind the rear-view mirror. Recording crisp and clear 1080p full HD video, the dash cam also has a super wide lens with a 135-degree field of view.

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The parking mode feature offers 24/7 security and can sense even the slightest impact to a vehicle and starts recording immediately, even when the car is parked.

Footage can be downloaded to the user’s phone as soon as it connects to the dash cam so can be viewed immediately; offering true peace of mind. With a built-in G-sensor supporting variable sensitivity, the dash cam can auto-detect any sudden knock or collision and lock the crucial footage and the built-in GPS module can link the location of the vehicle to the footage.

This can then be used as vital evidence for claims or insurance purposes with users being able to access the required footage easily and quickly.

Nexar has developed its own proprietary software and the companion app allows for live streaming of all video footage directly to your phone and uses AI to detect important moments and save them as easy to find clips.

Incidents can be reported and files shared and viewed immediately with an insurance company or the police through the app. The footage is backed up to the cloud without any limits, and all of it is incredibly easy to use and navigate around.

The Nexar Beam GPS comes with a free 32GB microSD card already installed but users can opt to upgrade to a bigger capacity with up to 256GB.

Best of all, though, Nexar offers completely unlimited cloud backups without a subscription, so drivers can avoid the extra cost and have the same ability to save any video to the cloud. Ideal if the dash cam is ever stolen or damaged, as footage can still be viewed and accessed from anywhere.

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The video clips can be wrapped together with important data into a report and uploaded immediately using a one-click report function.

Additionally, Siri voice command may be used to send messages to others whilst on the road in the Nexar Groups app which will show the location if the driver is delayed.

The Nexar Pro GPS with two cameras for road and interior recording

The Nexar Pro GPS with two cameras for road and interior recording offering the ultimate in driving security - available on the Nexar website reduced from £114.95 to £92.19 during Black Friday Week 22nd November to 26th November using Code BFPRO21 and offers unlimited cloud storage with no expensive paid subscription required.

Nexar Pro GPS Dual Dash camera system with road and interior recording. It includes two cameras, is equipped with high quality 1080p full HD image sensors, and records both the road and the interior of the car directly to the Nexar app.

The road view camera records in 1080p Full HD quality that makes for extremely crisp and bright footage and has a super wide lens that provides a 135-degree field of view whilst the interior camera records sharp footage in 720p HD quality. It also includes 10 infra-red-light bulbs that provide superb night vision.

Nexar's companion app allows for live streaming of all video footage directly to a phone and uses AI to detect important moments and save them as easy to find clips. The footage is backed up to the cloud without any limits.

The parking mode feature offers 24/7 security and can sense even the slightest impact to a vehicle and starts recording immediately, even when the car is parked.

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No need to be in the car or driving to get the protection the camera offers. With a built-in G-sensor supporting variable sensitivity, the dash cam can auto-detect any sudden knock or collision and lock the crucial footage.

The Nexar Beam GPS comes with a free 32GB microSD card already installed but users can opt to upgrade to a bigger capacity with up to 256GB of included storage. Best of all, though, Nexar offers completely unlimited cloud backups without a subscription.



Puro Sound Labs PuroPro volume limiting, active noise cancelling adult headphones –available from Amazon reduced by 25 per cent from an RRP of £199 to £149.25 from 19th to 29th November

Puro Sound Labs PuroPro volume limiting, active noise cancelling adult headphones

The PuroPro is the latest addition to the range, with a slick design and studio grade audio quality, providing adults with a listening experience that is both high quality and healthy.

In keeping with the Puro Sound Labs mission to protect consumers’ hearing, the headphones are also volume limited to 85 dB for up to 8 hours per day, and 95 dB for up to 50 mins per day, as recommended by the World Health Organization.

The headphones are equipped with Puro Balanced Response® Curve technology, engineered to deliver an amazing listening experience with clear, crisp vocals, plus two adjustable ANC levels, ensuring that users can listen to their favourite tracks and podcasts undisturbed, or find their own space in shared environments.

The wireless Bluetooth v.5 headphones are complete with a lightweight, foldable design and matching hard cover carrying case and are ideal for travel, with long lasting batteries that provide up to 28 hours playtime with ANC, 32 hours without and 300 hours of standby time.

Audio glasses

Audio Sunglasses and Glasses for men and women from Fauna (photo: Dominic Erschen)
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Audio Sunglasses and Glasses for men and women from Fauna – available 50% reduced from RRP £199 to £99 from Maplin from Fri 26th to Mon 29th November

Fauna are designer glasses with open ear sound technology inside.

Supporting you in the most pleasant way possible in your everyday life: By providing you with additional acoustic content. They are comfortable to wear thanks to high-quality acetate and bluelight filter. Top notch USound Mems technology makes the design discrete and the user interface easy to handle.

Whether you are walking, riding a bike or driving by car, you can listen to audio safely while doing so. The design of Fauna enables you to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while being conscious of your environment.

Fauna is a designer audio eyewear brand that creates fashionable eyewear which delivers crystal clear sound. These high-end, water-resistant audio glasses are made of high-quality materials with a 2-way sound system for crystal clear sound.

The first audio glasses without chunky temples that actually look like glasses, the revolutionary product protects a wearer’s eyes from sun or blue light whilst providing a vivid sound when listening to music, audiobooks or watching a movie with integrated microphones for voice assistants and making phone calls.

The tiny lightweight micro speakers and microphones are integrated into the frames of Fauna glasses, giving hours of great audio without compromising on comfort.

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The audio module in each temple and each module includes a patented MEMS microspeaker, an electrodynamic speaker, a touch-pad, associated electronics and a battery. Two microphones are also integrated into the right temple with beam-forming and echo cancelling.

The temples remain slim and lightweight despite all the electronics inside with both glasses weighing just 50g.

The range have high-quality Italian acetate frames with adjustable temple lengths, a standard in the eyewear industry and optimal for fit and wearing comfort.

Fauna Audio Glasses come with a charging case that allows re-charging of the glasses on the go up to five times and connects via Bluetooth with a smartphone or PC; a specific app is not required. The glasses are controlled by touching and swiping on the temples.

Smart Earbuds

Nightbuds smart earbuds available from Kokoon reduced by 30% from RRP of £229 to £160.00 from November 22nd – 29th

Nightbuds smart earbuds

Nightbuds are tiny, sleep sensing headphones that work with an app to intelligently look after sleep. Developed with staff at Europe’s largest sleep laboratory, Nightbuds automatically adapt audio as the wearer falls asleep then provide insights and coaching specific to them, to improve their sleep.

Audio is one of the most effective natural ways to help the mind disconnect and wind down.

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Nightbuds enable users to listen to their own audio (audiobooks, podcasts, music) in a smarter manner automatically fading out as they fall asleep and bookmarking where they left off enabling them to pick back up in the right place the next day.

Nightbuds utilise Kokoon’s Sleep Coaching Technology and monitor sleep (via PPG & accelerometers) to provide personalized insights and recommendations specific to the user, to improve their sleep.

Within the Kokoon app, users can “create their own Kokoon”, an immersive 4D binaural soundstage through which listeners can experience incredible relaxing audio escapes such as the “Misty Mountain Hideaway”.

Nightbuds are designed to be worn through the night in all positions including side sleeping. The soft, ergonomic buds are incredibly thin; just 5.4mm thick.

Nightbuds block out snoring or noisy neighbours with noise isolation and dynamic noise masking. Also useable as regular Bluetooth 4.0 headphones, Nightbuds enable hands free calls and feature crystal clear acoustics courtesy of Nightbuds premium balance armature drivers.


BuddyPhones® Cosmos+ available from Unicorn design reduced by 20% from £99.90 to £79.92 for Black Friday week and Cyber Monday week

BuddyPhones Cosmos+

The new Cosmos+ wireless active noise cancelling headphones are great for kids to use from remote learning and in-school computer lessons to gaming, listening to music and watching videos.

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With children now using technology for education as well as entertainment the Cosmos+ provide a new level of protection for children’s hearing.

Although noise induced hearing loss cannot be reversed, it can be prevented by ensuring young ears are suitably protected.

The best way to protect children from progressive hearing loss is to equip them with a pair of headphones that limits how loud the volume can go.

Using a built-in, always on, sound control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children by the World Health Organization, BuddyPhones® are tailor-made for kids to be the toughest, safest sound solutions available.

With a slew of new audio features, fun designs, a range of colours; Cool Blue, Rose Pink, Sun Yellow, Grey Matter, Deep Blue and Snow White and volume limiting capability the BuddyPhones® Cosmos+ are ideal for use when studying, when watching films or listening to music whilst still ensuring hearing health is protected.

The BuddyPhones Cosmos+ brings an upgrade to ONANOFF’s flagship wireless kid’s headphone with a high quality detachable boom mic and 3 SafeAudio® settings to choose from.

With these 3 different listening modes of 94dB TravelMode, 85dB KidsMode and 75dB ToddlerMode, the headphones can be tailored to the child’s needs and environment.

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ONANOFF‘s patented StudyMode® helps isolate voices from other sounds, producing crisper, clearer vocals that will help young scholars to focus when studying or watching lessons.

These different audio settings can be tailored to the child’s educational needs, at home or in school. The foldable headphones with soft protein PU leather ear pads also include a BuddyLink for sharing so siblings and friends can easily watch and play together.

The BuddyPhones® Cosmos+ boast a 24-hour battery life for wireless use or a wired connection option, making them ideal for keeping children entertained whilst travelling or on long car trips.

The Cosmos+ now features new, more durable designs, a travel case for easy transport, and a fun and eye-catching design using a process called “In Mold Design” to produce intricate artwork on the ear cups with a premium finish that is fully scratch resistant.

Noise cancelling headphones

The PuroQuiet Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphone – Available from Amazon UK reduced by 25% from £99 to £74.25 for Black Friday Week

The PuroQuiet Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphone (photo: cdabcd)

Made from high-quality aluminium, with plush noise-isolating ear-pads, the latest Bluetooth profiles for CD-like quality wireless audio, a highly sensitive microphone for taking calls or gaming with friends and up to 16-hours of active battery life the PuroQuiet headphones certainly deliver on audio quality and style.

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In addition to the sleek new design, the PuroQuiet headphones have an active noise cancellation feature found on high-end headphones that suppress ambient noise levels and provides a superior listening experience in even the loudest of environments.

It blocks out daily noise and background sounds up to 22 dB, complemented by 82% noise isolation.


Xplora XGO2 Android children’s smart watch available in pink, black, green and blue from Very - reduced by £10 from £99.99 to £89.99 from 26th November to 29th November

Xplora XGO2 Android children’s smart watch

Xplora TorchThe Xplora XGO2 is an affordable and GDPR compliant ideal first phone for children aged 5-12.

Running on Android 4.4 with a 1.4” capacitive touch colour LCD screen, it is easy to use and is incredibly responsive.

When wearing and using the device, children can make and receive voice calls from pre-saved numbers only, so they can communicate with friends or family without the risk of receiving any unsolicited calls.

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These contacts can be managed on the parent’s app. The watch does not feature social media, making the safety of children using it a priority.

The device can also receive and reply to text messages including text, emojis, images and voice messages. With a 0.3-megapixel camera and 4GB storage, there is also plenty of room to store photos.

Including a 700mAh battery providing 72 hours of standby battery and working with Wi-Fi as well as 4G, 3G and 2G connectivity, the watch ensures reliable connectivity and is also IP67 water resistant so can survive a rainy day or messy play session outdoors!

One of the most exciting features on the XGO2 watch is the step counter which encourages children to stay active and to be rewarded for this!

With in-built G Sensors, the XGO2 accurately tracks kid’s steps which earn them Xplora Coins to be used in the ground breaking and award winning Xplora Goplay Platform.

This aims to motivate children to spend more time taking part in physical activities offline in exchange for virtual rewards that can later be redeemed online via a gaming platform.

Including many features that are designed to keep kids safe whilst being online, the emergency SOS button can be pressed by the child if needed and will notify their emergency contacts of their location.

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The XGO2 also uses multiple services to show the devices location (GPS + Wi-Fi + LBS) to ensure it is accurate.

School Mode can also be activated so that there are no distractions in class with just the watch clock displaying but all calls and messages disabled.

Whilst School Mode is on however, parents are still able to track the watch location and the SOS function is still active.

Xplora X5 Play children’s smart watch available in black, pink grey and blue from Currys reduced by £20 from £159.99 to £139.99 from 26th November to 29th November

The new X5 Play is a children’s smart watch which not only provides reassurance to parents always knowing the location of their child but is great fun for kids too!

They can make and take calls, text and send emoji’s, take photos, and get active with their favourite characters like Peter Rabbit 2 and Doctor Who, earning rewards as they go.

Featuring a Qualcomm chipset for a fast and reliable user experience the X5 Play is also waterproof (IP68) and features a 1.4’ TFT display and 2 Mega Pixel camera for taking great selfies.

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With in-built G Sensors and advanced step tracking capabilities, X5 Play links seamlessly to Xplora’s unique Goplay platform

LOCATE: Locate your child with the X5 Play and create Safe Zones which will alert you whenever your child leaves or enters the zone.

COMMUNICATE: The watch is also a phone! Easy communication with the child and up to 50 approved contacts, answer and make calls with swipe motions and send text messages and emojis!

TAKE PICTURES: The 2MP camera means they can share the pictures with you throughout their day, keeping you up to date on what they are doing. Store over 1000 pictures in the gallery and set a custom background.

GOPLAY: The world’s first Goplay activity platform combining physical activity with entertainment.

New XMOVE Bluetooth family activity tracker - available in black, petrol, grey and pink from Maplin reduced from the incredibly affordable £49.99 to £39.99 from 26th – 29th November

Using the XMOVE tracker, families can track the number of steps each person is taking and even get competitive amongst family members to encourage all to be as active as possible!

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It also has a built-in sensor to monitor inactivity and reminds a user to get moving to help maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Its Multi-Sports Mode function monitors an individual’s activity when running, walking or cycling whilst the Heart Rate Monitoring helps a user to exercise at the right intensity.

No need to worry about getting caught in the rain on a walk or run or children jumping in puddles either as the XMOVE is certified as IP68 and can be immersed in water up to 1.5m deep. All for an incredibly affordable £49.99.

The XMOVE monitors activity even when sleeping by measuring the duration and quality of sleep which can then be assessed on the app.

The XMOVE has an ultra slim body and is just 10mm thick so ideal and comfortable for all sizes of wrists and has an easy to read 1.3-inch TFT 240 x 240-pixel clear display.

Its 160mAh battery will last up to 10 days on standby or 5 days of normal use so wearers can carry on enjoying it day after day before charging.

Main Functions:

IP68 Waterproof - Waterproof up to 1.5m deep

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160mAh Battery - With up to 10 days standby or 5 days of normal use

Multi Sports Modes - Various modes monitor Running, Walking, Cycling and more

Heart Rate Monitoring - Helps you exercise at the right intensity

Ultra Slim Body - Just 10mm thick

1.3 inch TFT Display - Clear 240 x 240 pixel display