Skye Tales Review - cosy game launches on PlayStation and Steam - how to buy

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Puny Astronaut’s debut title Skye Tales has finally launched on PlayStation and Steam - here’s everything you need to know

Skye Tales has launched on the PlayStation, Steam and Epic Game store, after a successful launch on the Nintendo Switch. Sky Tales is a cosy puzzle game that has a slow pace and no pressure gameplay style.

The game is a brilliant way to relax and unwind as you play as Skye the friendly dragon to solve puzzles and collect stickers. Puny Astronaut’s debut title is a cosy and accessible puzzle game that is set in the beautiful valleys of Brinn.

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Skye Tales is brimming with low-stress puzzles in a stunning 2.5D game with some stunning landscapes and characters. Glide through each unique land with reactive playgrounds full of musical instruments, animals and a variety of objects to interact with.

Four diverse valleys bring vibrant, colourful designs, with calming sounds and charming characters. Gentle puzzles reward the players with collectable variable coins which can be used to purchase a host of outfits that bring their own unique traits and quirks.

Skye Tales invites players to slow down and enjoy the lands as respite from the stresses of everyday life. Players will be rewarded for interacting with the worlds with stickers which are added to your scrapbook which show off what you have already completed.

The game means you can sink a good couple of hours into each land as you glide around completing puzzles and completing all the tasks. Alongside three main tasks, players will be invited to fly around interacting with the lands to complete smaller tasks.

The smaller tasks are time consuming and make the players think about where several things could be hiding in the land. This can become slightly frustrating in expansive lands if you are unable to locate the last of a handful of items that you need to find.

Not being able to locate the last of an item can be time consuming and not being able to pin a task or locate the items easily on the map can mean you’re gliding around for hours, checking each floating island for things you need to complete a task.

Skye Tales has been released on the PlayStationSkye Tales has been released on the PlayStation
Skye Tales has been released on the PlayStation | Puny Astronaut

Despite this tiny flaw, the game is addictive and the rainbow of instruments and distractions with a host of tactile toys to play and interact with. The game is comforting and makes players feel as though they’re unable to turn the game off.

I wanted to sink hours into the game and complete as much as possible in one sitting, having to restrain myself to savour and enjoy the game. As a die-hard gaming completionist, the small tasks kept me hooked on the level and wanting to 100% complete each land.

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Skye Tales is a highly accessible game with a small, manageable set of controls that don’t feel overburdening and complex. Features included in the game can adapt Skye Tales, with colour-blind friendly features and visual filters to accommodate those with various visual information-processing requirements. The game also has multiple control modes for those with different motor-control requirements.

Puny Astronaut Managing Director Cian Roche shared: “At Puny Astronaut we believe that games should be approachable for as wide an audience as possible; from people who may have never played games before, to those with different gameplay needs. We designed Skye Tales to be an alternative to the many demanding and draining gameplay experiences already available. There is no wrong way to play Skye Tales - it’s just happy you stopped by. If you want to spend your time simply dashing through dandelions or splashing in the sea, you’re welcome to do so!”

How to buy Skye Tales

Skye Tales is available to purchase on a host of sites. Here’s everywhere to purchase Skye tales:



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