Sex offender Josef Fritzl claims his family ‘will forgive him’ and that he will be ‘reunited’ with them

Josef Fritzl has become a notorious name following his vile sexual crimes against his own daughter

Notorious sex offender and murderer Josef Fritzl has said that he believes his family will forgive him for his crimes. The 87-year-old also said that he’s sure he will be reunited with them one day. 

Fritzl was jailed in 2009 after it was discovered he kept his daughter Elisabeth locked up in his basement for 24 years. He also fathered seven children to her - one of these died in 1996 after Fritzl didn’t get them medical help. 

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Three of the children were kept in the basement whilst the other three were raised upstairs in the house by Fritzl and his wife. Fritzl is currently in Austria's Stein Prison in Krems an der Donau. 

In an interview with a national publication, Fritzl gave a statement issued through his lawyer Astrid Wagner: "I miss my family very, very much. I am always thinking of them, and how I would like to see my grandchildren.

"I am sure that we are going to be reunited and I think they are going to forgive me for what I have done."

Fritzl also said that he is extremely sorry for what he did and “regrets” the crimes. He went on to say that he is a “big fan” of new monarch King Charles and that he watched the coronation.

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