Scots reveal their top 25 football clichés

Scots have revealed their favourite football clichés - with ‘a game of two halves’ coming top.

A poll of 2,000 adults – including those from Scotland – found 18 per cent consider this classic football phrase to be their favourite.

With ‘no-one is bigger than the club’, ‘six pointer’,  and ‘goals win games’ also popular locally.

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As are ‘2-0 is a dangerous lead’ and ‘to give the ball away cheaply’.

The 888 sport online study found 55 per cent of Scottish adults find these types of footballing cliches amusing.

But more than one in 10 tenth (12 per cent) consider them to be not amusing.

Despite this, Scots say an average of two footballing clichés a day – thinking nothing of saying the likes of ‘a wake-up call’ or ‘play a blinder.’

Other favourite phrases include ‘he’s scored too early,’ ‘like a new signing’, and ‘this game needs a goal', while there’s also appreciation for ‘not that kind of player’, ‘this game needs a goal’ and ‘hospital pass.’

And however people may feel about them, 62 per cent think there’s a tendency for commentators and pundits to over-use them on radio or the TV.

Top 25 most popular football clichés among Scottish adults

  1. “A game of two halves”

  2. “No one is bigger than the club”

  3. “Six pointer”

  4. "Goals win games"

  5. “2-0 is a dangerous lead”

  6. “To give the ball away cheaply”

  7. “Play to the whistle”

  8. “Play a blinder”

  9. "He’s scored too early"

  10. "He's good, but can he do it on a cold, wet Tuesday night in Stoke?"

  11. “Nil-nil written all over it”

  12. “Like a new signing”

  13. “Parking the bus”

  14. “They gave it 110%”

  15. “Hospital pass”

  16. “This game needs a goal”

  17. "We’re taking it one game at a time"

  18. “He was in acres of space”

  19. “Their name is on the cup”

  20. “Not that kind of player”

  21. "If it was on target, it would have been a goal"

  22. “That was a great cross but there was no one there”

  23. “He’s going to have nightmares about that one for years”

  24. “A wake-up call”

  25. “A great advert for the game”

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