Return train tickets to be scrapped in UK as part of railway reforms bringing in ‘single-leg pricing’

The reform to UK railways is set to be announced this week

A shake-up of UK railways is set to involve return train tickets being scrapped. Is expected that they will be replaced by passengers needing to buy two single tickets instead.

This form of ticketing is common in Europe. Passengers will be required to buy two single tickets for their return journey.

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The ticketing shake-up will be part of a wider reform of the UK’s railways. Further details on this are expected to be announced by transport secretary Mark Harper.

Mr Harper will introduce ‘single-leg pricing’ in which the price of two single tickets will be equal to a return. Another expected announcement is the unveiling of a brand new public body called Great British Railway (GBR).

This new body will take over railway responsibilities from the Department of Transport. Amongst these will be timetabling and ticketing.

The transport secretary is expected to make the announcements in a speech at Westminster on Tuesday (February 7). It is also expected that advancements in digital tickets may also be addressed in the speech.

The focus on digital tickets using QR codes would potentially signal the end of paper tickets. Further information will be announced in the Westminster speech.



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