New Year’s Day weather forecast where you live - and if it will snow

With snow and ice weather warnings in place across much of the UK today (31 Dec), you might be wondering what the weather forecast for

1 January 2021 looks like.

Here’s what the Met Office says the weather will be like across the country on New Year’s Day - and the chances of snow.

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Dumfries, Galloway, Lothian & Borders weather forecast

On Friday (1 Jan), most places will have a dry, bright and cold day, with lots of crisp winter sunshine.

It will be cloudier towards the east coast, with a few showers at first.

Residents should expect some light northerly winds, and a maximum temperature of 4C.

Strathclyde weather forecast

All parts will experience a dry, bright and cold day with lots of winter sunshine.

Light northerly winds and a maximum temperature of 4C.

Grampian weather forecast

On Friday, it will be fairly cloudy in the north, with scattered light showers.

The showers will fall as rain on the coast, but snow on higher ground inland.

Over southern Aberdeenshire, it will be dry and bright with some sunshine. Maximum temperatures of 5C.

Central, Tayside & Fife weather forecast

Lower maximum temperatures across Central, Tayside and Fife, with a maximum temperature of just 3C.

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All parts should expect a dry, bright and cold day with winter sunshine, and northerly winds becoming lighter.

Highlands & Eilean Siar weather forecast

Lots of dry and bright weather for most areas, however still a few wintry showers mainly over the north Highlands.

A cold day everywhere with northerly winds becoming lighter, and a maximum temperature of 3C.

Orkney & Shetland weather forecast

There will be some bright or sunny interludes throughout the day, and scattered showers too. The showers will turn more wintry on the hills.

Maximum temperature 4C.


North East England weather forecast

A cold start to the New Year with cold winds and further wintry showers along the coastal areas.

Dry and largely sunny in western parts, with a maximum temperature of 4C.

Yorkshire & Humber weather forecast

Similarly cold, with wintry showers spreading along the coastal areas, which will occasionally turn quite heavy.

Dry and largely sunny in the western parts, and remaining windy along the coast.

Maximum temperatures of 5C.

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London & South East England weather forecast

Any freezing fog patches will lift and turn into low clouds, making it a cold start to the year.

Most areas will largely stay dry, with perhaps the odd shower in Kent.

Maximum temperatures of 5C.

East of England weather forecast

Similarly, freezing fog patches will turn to low clouds, and most areas largely staying dry with scattered showers spreading into Norfolk.

Maximum temperatures of 5C.

North West England weather forecast

A frosty start to the New Year for those in the North West, with some localised fog patches too.

Mostly dry with sunny spells throughout the day, and scattered showers slowly clearing from the east.

Maximum temperature of 5C.

South West England weather forecast

Dry and frosty start to the New Year, with sunny spells. There is a risk of scattered showers over the far southwest through the afternoon, but elsewhere will remain dry.

Maximum temperature of 7C.

East Midlands weather forecast

Those in the East Midlands can expect to stay largely dry heading into the New Year.

It’ll be breezy along coastal areas, with showers spreading inland which may occasionally turn heavy.

Maximum temperature 5C.

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West Midlands weather forecast

Cold and frosty start to the New Year in the West Midlands, with some fog patches as well.

Largely dry but cloudy throughout the day, with the odd shower too.

Maximum temperature 5C.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, residents can expect that New Year's Day will be dry for most of the day, with some sunshine as well.

A few light showers might occur, but mainly in the west.

Northerly winds will become lighter during the day, and maximum temperatures of 5C.


Welsh locals can expect a cold start to the New Year, with some lingering fog patches.

It will stay rather grey in the east, but will be brighter with some coastal showers in the west.

Maximum temperatures of 7C.