New study unveils the best biscuits for dunking in tea- including one controversial entry

Fans of shortbread and caramel digestives are apparently the most disappointed when it comes to dunking

A cup of tea and a biscuit is an award winning combination. The strength of the biscuit is of great importance, and having a flimsy one can be make or break.

With this in mind, researchers at TopRatedCasinos have conducted an experiment to see which is the most dunkable biscuit. However, their number one choice may cause some controversy.

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Coming out on top with a time taken to break off a huge three minutes and 16 seconds is the Jaffa cake. Of course, this particular snack divides opinion- is it a cake? Or is it a biscuit? It’s not for us to decide…

With 116 dunks, the Jaffa cake was crowned the ultimate dunkable biscuit. However, this could be a deciding factor for the on-going debate around whether Jaffa cakes are a biscuit or a cake.

Following in second place was the Chocolate Leibniz taking 80 dunks to crumble, and the Bourbon came in third place with 78 dunks. However, the plain Digestive came out as the least dunkable biscuit, withstanding only six dunks. Despite this, the nation actually chose it as their favourite biscuit to dunk, with 26% of the vote.

Which biscuit do you enjoy with a brew? Which biscuit do you enjoy with a brew?
Which biscuit do you enjoy with a brew? | PhotoSG -

The research also revealed that chocolate digestives topped a list as the UK’s favourite biscuit, as it received 28% of the votes. In second place there is the newly crowned, most dunkable Jaffa Cake with 22% of the votes, and in third place was the plain Digestive, with 19%.

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