Linda’s enjoying slice of life as a top cake maker

Whether it is a steampunk festival or Remembrance Day, Linda Jameson can bake a cake for every occasion.

Whether it is a steampunk festival or Remembrance Day, Linda Jameson can bake a cake for every occasion.

Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are all catered for.One of seven children – five girls and two boys – Linda was ‘born baking’. Her mother baked each Saturday and passed on her skills.

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“When I meet people who have never baked in their life I find it weird. I grew up baking,” she said.

Linda, who is also a chocolatier, worked first for the now defunct Leeds-based Ainsley bakeries and then Betty’s in Harrogate for more than 10 years.

The Tockwith-born mum also did a six-month stint with York Chocolate Story.Moving to Scarborough three years ago she decided if she did not open a shop then, it was going to be never.

She had always wanted to live by the sea and she has a sentimental attachment to Scarborough through childhood holidays.

“To drive under the bridge coming to Scarborough seafront, that’s what I remmember as a kid. I do that everyday now,” said Linda who lives with partner Andy in Cayton Bay just outside the town.

She opened Lindy Lou – a childhood name – in Eastborough two years ago and also runs an online version of the store.

Baking started as a hobby inspired by her son, Andrew, 35, who is in the army based in Catterick.

“I baked a cake for his birthday every year, so he really started me on this,” she said.She bakes a cake for Remembrance Day every year. She also taught her son to cook, clear, iron and bake.

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When he joined the army aged 23 he was known by the other recruits as grandad, not just because of his aged but because he did domestic duties like sewing on their badges.

“He once asked me to send him a quiche tin so he could make them a quiche from the powdered eggs they had.”

During her time at Betty’s she went to Buckingham Palace and met Prince Charles.Her skill has won her a highly commended in the celebration category of the inaugural Cake Professionals Awards, sponsored by Tate and Lyle, held in Reading earlier this month.

“It was a wonderful set of awards to enter with some talented cake creators taking part.

Lindy Lou Creations Scarborough..Linda Jameson checks one of her grand creations at her shop on Eastborough Scarborough .pic Richard Ponter

“It was nerve-wracking waiting for the results, especially as it was the first event for the Cake Professionals Awards,” she said.

“I have a passion for making cakes and these can be for birthdays, weddings and other life celebrations.”

She is now increasing her Easter Egg range and making display cakes for her shop window.

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When not baking, Linda also works for Autism Plus based at Ampleforth in North Yorkshire.

She helps those with autism make chocolate. “It’s really rewarding,” she said.