Joe Lycett ‘not satisfied’ after talks with David Beckham’s team over 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar involvement

Joe Lycett said he has heard from David Beckham’s team after the FIFA World Cup controversy but ‘is not satisfied’.

Joe Lycett said he has talked to David Beckham’s team after the controversy of the former England captain’s involvement in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The Birmingham comedian gave Beckham an ultimatum saying he would shred thousands of pounds unless he pulled out of his sponsorship deal with Qatar over the country’s LGBTQ+ rights.

As David didn’t pull out of the World Cup, Lycett posted a video of him tossing stacks of money into a shredder. The comedian later announced that the money was fake, saying he would not waste money like that during a cost of living crisis and that he had instead donated the money to LGBTQ+ organisation.

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Appearing on the News Agents podcast this week, Lycett offered an update, saying that he has been in contact with Beckham’s team, but that he is not satisfied with the situation. He said: "I’ve not heard directly from Beckham. We have had some movement with his people. Basically, we’ve had some contact with them. [...] Legally at the minute, I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say. I’m not satisfied with where we’ve got to, let’s put it that way.”

Joe continued: "They’re just talking to us a little bit. I think they’re just trying to get it to go away really. Which it will eventually, and it won’t affect him long term."

Joe shreds Attitude MagazineJoe shreds Attitude Magazine
Joe shreds Attitude Magazine

Beckham was the first ever footballer to appear on the cover of gay magazines, and have previously stated to be and LGBTQ+ ally. After signing a £10 million sponsorship deal with Qatar, who has some of the worst LGBTQ+ rights in the world, Lycett offered the former England star an ultimatum, threatening to to shred £10,000 if the footballer did not end his deal.



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