Janey Godley revealed she has ovarian cancer - these are the symptoms to watch for

Janey Godley has revealed that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. (credit: Getty)Janey Godley has revealed that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. (credit: Getty)
Janey Godley has revealed that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. (credit: Getty)

Comedian Janey Godley has announced that she has been hospitalised with ovarian cancer.

The stand-up star took to Twitter to tell her followers that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had been forced to cancel upcoming shows due to being treated in hospital.

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Godley says that she had been touring the UK with her show without knowing that she had cancer, and said she has “done nothing but cry and cry and cry” since being admitted to hospital.

What did Janey Godley say on Twitter?

In an initial post on Twitter, Godley said: “Sorry but my last weekend of the tour can’t go ahead in Edinburgh and Musselburgh as I am in hospital with ovarian cancer - look after each other #MentalHealthMatters

In a  further post, she filmed a video from her Glasgow hospital bed.

She said: “I’m really sorry I can’t make the Musselburgh and Edinburgh shows this weekend, it’s the very last dates of the tour and the tour has been so brilliant and so very well attended and successful but unfortunately I was doing the tour while I unbeknownst to me had ovarian cancer.

“I had it checked out yesterday, that’s what I’m doing in this very beautiful but very stormy corner room in hospital in Glasgow.”

Who is Janey Godley?

Godley, 60, is a stand-up comedian who rose to fame after performing comedy voice overs of Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid-19 briefings online.

She was included in a Scottish Government coronavirus awareness television campaign, however was dropped after offensive tweets from Godley were unearthed.

Godley has continued to perform and tour the UK with her comedy shows and stand-up routines.

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How is Janey Godley doing?

In her video, Godley said that the news of her diagnosis has had her in tears for days, saying: “Onto the next step of my journey and what is that journey? I don’t know if I’m going to be one of these people who battle bravely, who fight every step, I don’t know.

“That doesn’t feel how I’ve been the last day, I’ve done nothing but cry and cry and cry but I’m going to use science, I’m going to use technology and I’m going to try and cope with this next step on the journey.”

Godley also thanked the “unbelievably brilliant” NHS for their help, and urged anyone with symptoms of ovarian cancer to get checked.

She said: “If you have any symptoms like I had, which was I felt as though I was full before I was eating a meal, I felt as though I had no real energy and there was a big bloating inside my stomach, I got it checked out and it’s ovarian cancer.

“So onwards and upwards, I want everybody to know that I really appreciate them for being behind me for so long and we will see what happens next.”

What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

According to the NHS, there are many symptoms to look out for.

The main symptoms include:

  • feeling constantly bloated

  • a swollen tummy

  • discomfort in your tummy or pelvic area

  • feeling full quickly when eating, or loss of appetite

  • needing to pee more often or more urgently than usual

Other symptoms to look out for includes:

  • persistent indigestion or feeling sick

  • pain during sex

  • a change in your bowel habits

  • back pain

  • feeling tired all the time

  • unintentional weight loss

Those over 50 or with a family history of ovarian cancer may be at a higher risk.

You should contact your GP if you have been feeling bloated more than 12 times in a month or have any other persistent symptoms as listed above.