It is a travel essential: Don’t overlook travel vaccinations

Vaccinations are a must if travelling overseas (photo: Adobe)
Vaccinations are a must if travelling overseas (photo: Adobe)

Get yourself vaccinated for overseas trips!

Leading independent pharmacy chain, Well Pharmacy, has issued a reminder to those planning overseas trips to plan ahead and check if they need travel vaccinations.

Vaccinations for travel include getting vaccinated against COVID-19 (photo: Adobe)

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    With more people planning foreign trips post pandemic, and with many countries introducing new regulations, Well is keen is keen to ensure people don’t forget the necessary travel vaccinations and travel-related medication.

    You are urged to get fully vaccinated if you are travelling overseas (photo: Adobe)

    At selected pharmacies across the UK, Well is offering a service where holidaymakers can share their travel itinerary, find out what vaccines or medications they need, and have them done.

    Ifti Khan, Well Superintendent Pharmacist said: “Customers who are planning to travel outsideof the UK may need to be vaccinated or provided with antimalarials and other travel-related medication when travelling to certain destinations. This is to protect them against some of the diseases found within other parts of the world.

    “We would urge those travelling overseas to check what vaccines or medication they may need before travelling and if needed, to book online via the Well website.

    “Once booked, the customer will receive an email, arranging a call back. Customers will then be called for an initial consultation. During the phone call we will go through the travel itinerary before the first appointment.

    “Currently, we offer this service at selected branches across the country. With many people travelling for the first time since the pandemic, and with new entry requirements for some countries, it is so easy to overlook the health vaccines needed to travel. But they really are vital.”

    Well has also offered some top tips for those planning to travel overseas this summer.

    Well Pharmacy top tips for overseas travel:

    ·Plan ahead! Check well in advance what vaccines or medication you and your family may need and ensure you book and order them in good time

    ·Take a first aid kit in case of minor injuries

    ·Ensure you have adequate and appropriate travel insurance in place

    ·If you are on repeat medication, ensure you have sufficient supplies and that you have them well in advance of travelling

    ·Don’t forget to download your covid vaccination status evidence

    ·Protect yourself from the sun. If you are unsure what protection you should use, speak to your pharmacy team in advance

    ·Stay hydrated, ensuring you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day

    ·To protect any exposed skin from insect bites, try to wear light clothing with a high neckline, long sleeves, long trousers/dress/skirt and socks.

    For further information and to book your travel vaccinations, visit website.