‘I tried Starbucks’ new summer drinks menu and was won over by the Very Berry refresha’

I got a taste of summer early this week as I tried Starbucks’ new drink menu additions.

Starbucks is getting summer ready this week as they bring out their latest menu additions for the upcoming warmer season.

As well as adding some more fruity flavours to its classic Refresha range the drink spot is also adding a touch of Crème Brulée to some of its iced coffee drinks.

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With the sun finally out in London, today seemed like the perfect weather to sample the summer menu.  

While Crème Brulée is a dessert that normally makes me think of Christmas, Starbucks has captured the creamy pudding in drink form for the summer season. 

Thanks to their new inspired cold foam and added pumps of its brown sugar syrup, some of its coffee drinks have been transformed with a creamy vanilla and caramel twist.

Starbucks fans can try the pudding flavour in frappuccino form as well as with a cold brew and added to the popular Iced Brown Sugar Oat Shaken Espresso.  

Those wanting to taste the pudding flavour in all its glory will definitely enjoy the frappuccino drink. For me it was a bit too sweet as it really did taste like you were drinking a classic Crème Brulée dessert. 

The oat base of the shaken espresso takes the Crème Brulée sweetness down a few notches which I much preferred. While the pudding taste was still the star of the drink, you get a hint of oaty goodness which balances the sweetness out.

If you’re looking for more of a coffee taste with a hint of sweet Crème Brulée, the cold brew version is probably for you. Cutting through the strong coffee taste is the same creamy Crème Brulée taste although it's more faded compared to the other drinks. 

Expanding its Refresha line of drinks, Starbucks is also adding a few more fruity drinks to its summer menu including a past fan favourite. The three 2024 summer additions will see the return of the Mango Dragonfruit drink that was a hit last year. 

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While I didn’t get a chance to try it last year I can see why it was so popular because of its light fruity taste.  

Very Berry another of the Refresha additions and its taste was not what I initially expected. Based on its name I thought the drink was going to have a strong sweet berry taste but it actually had a more cranberry-like tart taste which I really enjoyed.

The other new Refresha drink takes the popular Mango Dragonfruit flavour to a new level by adding coconut water into the mix. While the coconut flavour hits you first, the fruity flavours compliment it well.

Out of Starbucks’ six new summer flavours, the Very Berry drink for sure won me over and is one I can see myself enjoying a lot over the warmer months.

While my go to coffee drink at Starbucks is an iced white mocha latte, the Crème Brulée cold brew may become a temporary replacement for it this summer.

Those wanting to try the summer drinks will be able to when they hit the menu officially on Thursday (May 2) although Starbucks Rewards members can order them now by swiping their Starbucks Card or scanning their Starbucks® app in store.



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