Hundreds of cars destroyed in huge inferno at auctioneers’ scrapyard

 Around 200 cars have been destroyed at an auctioneers scrapyard after a huge blaze swept the premises

A huge blaze at a car auctioneers scrapyard has destroyed around 200 vehicles. Fire crews scrambled to the scene just after 9pm on Friday night (August 11) after the inferno broke out at a scrapyard in Rochford, Essex.

The scrapyard is believed to have 2,000 cars on site - with Essex County and Fire and Rescue Service saying around 200 have been damaged. About 60 firefighters from 12 different stations attended the scene and managed to get the inferno under control by 11.20pm.

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The blaze destroyed around 200 carsThe blaze destroyed around 200 cars
The blaze destroyed around 200 cars | Essex County Fire&Rescue / SWNS

A spokesman for the scrapyard said the cause of the fire would be investigated “once safe to do so.” A fire service spokesperson said during the incident: “Nearby residents are being advised to close their windows.

“The cars are stacked in rows of three storeys. Firefighters have the fire contained and have created a fire break to stop the fire spreading to the remaining cars.”

Resident Dinah Symonds told the BBC she was awoken by explosions and feared the flames would spread towards her home. She added: “That’s what really concerned us more than anything else but it was quite spectacular.”

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