WhatsApp polls - How to use new feature on instant messaging app and how to see results

WhatsApp has introduced the new poll feature which allows users to collect votes from their groups

WhatsApp has introduced a new poll feature to the app, allowing users to quickly collect results from their friends and family. The new feature allows people to ask their groups a question and collect the results easily.

Polls is the perfect way for users to find answers to questions such as ‘what time shall we meet for dinner’ or even settling debates on what film to go watch. The feature is available to use across the whole instant messaging platform, including web and desktop.

How to create a Whatsapp poll

Here is how to create a Whatsapp poll:

  • Open a chat
  • Tap Attatch (+ on Iphone, paper clip on Android/web) > Polls > Create Poll
  • Enter the question you want to ask in Question > Ask question
  • Type your options choices in Options > Add (if you would like to change the order of your poll options, use the line emoticon to the right of your options to move rearrange your options)
  • Tap the Send emoticon to create your poll

How to respond to a Whatsapp poll

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To respond to a Whatsapp poll, tap on the option choice you would like to vote for. If you decide to remove your vote, just tap the option you had previously voted for to remove your vote.

If you would like to change your vote, just tap a different poll option to change your vote across.

How to view votes on WhatsApp poll

To view votes on WhatsApp, open a chat with a poll and select View votes to see who has voted for which options.



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