How to make friends in a hi-tech world

According to research more than half of UK adults, 54 per cent say it has been a long time since they made valued friendships, with nearly two thirds, 63 per cent, citing work as the primary reason they feel too busy to make new connections.

Technology now means it need not be difficult to connect with new people and form meaningful relationships.

Here is a helpful guide of the top ways we can use technology to build new connections as an adult.Find like-minded online communitiesUsing your hobbies and interests is a great way to connect with like-minded people online and no matter what your interest is, you’re sure to meet people with the same hobbies.

There are numerous independent chatrooms for sports teams linking people across the world, and you can always find forums discussing video games.


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Websites like Reddit have countless chatrooms for a huge variety of hobbies and interests.

Websites like SoloTraveller and Backpackr connect users with their fellow globetrotters.

There’s an app for thatFriend finding apps are becoming increasingly common, with several alternatives to choose from. Bumble BFF, Friender and Hey! VINA are just some examples of apps that are built like dating profiles, allowing you to match with people who you would like to be friends with.

Bumble BFF for example works like a dating site. You build your profile and can then swipe through other people’s profiles to find someone you want to connect with, although currently the app is only for women.


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Spotify has a feature that allows users to connect with those who have similar playlists, while Strava gives cyclists the ability to share their favourite routes.

Get socialFacebook and Twitter can be used to help find and join new online communities.New platforms like In Your Area are a great way to find new events and announcements near your home.

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