How to get the best work-out for your body type

As many people seek the best ways to boost their fitness, looks and general lifestyle, here is advice on how to exercise to best suit your body type.

Fitness coach and weight loss mindset specialist Jenna Rigby said: “Our bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and it’s important to understand our own individual type, to highlight our best bits.”

Here are Jenna’s recommended exercises for each body type;

Rectangle (Banana)

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A rectangle is a straight up and down body type with measurements usually the same in all areas. Women often strive to create curves that don’t naturally occur.

Best Exercises: “To enhance and create curves, dedicate particular days of exercise to specific body parts you want to enhance,” said Jenna.“For example, to build a booty you need to focus on glute exercises such as squats. When muscle needs to be created, weighted exercises such as deadlifts and weighted lunges will help you build those areas quicker.”

Triangle (Pear)

Triangle is a common body type, with shoulders and bust narrower than the hips and slim arms.

Best Exercises: “To begin with, focus on fat burn around the stubborn areas - achieved through HIIT-style workouts which keep you in the fat burning zone the longest.“Keep each workout varied and focused on exercising the whole body evenly. And don’t forget those beautiful arms which should tone up quickly.”

Inverted Triangle (Apple)

If your shoulders and bust are larger than your hips, you have what’s known as an inverted triangle, often seen as ‘top heavy’.

Best Exercises: “Posture is key. Try pairing up chest and back exercises to provide strength and help to elevate your posture. My favourite chest exercise has to be press-ups, and lateral pulldown and hyper back extension are great for the back.”


If you have broader hips than shoulders, a narrow bust, and a fuller waistline, you have this body shape. You may carry a little more weight in your upper legs.

Best Exercises: “Start by defining legs - running and uphill walking will help create that definition,” said Jenna. “This body type often has a naturally flat stomach so HIIT training works well to maximise fat-burn in this area. My favourite stomach burners are bicycles and lying leg raises.”


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Often the most desired body type, the buttocks and bust are well-balanced, and the waist defined. Your body is generally in proportion.

Best Exercises: “Workouts need to be balanced. Starting with cardio and moving on to a full body circuit routine is the best way to burn fat evenly. Circuit classes, CrossFit, and dance work well for these body types.”


If you’re naturally muscular but not so curvy, you have an athletic body type - your shoulder and hip measurements are about the same. Your waist is narrower than shoulder and hips, but isn’t overly defined.

Best Exercises: “This body type is perfect for weight training and muscle definition can easily be achieved to create curves. Weighted Squats and Deadlifts compound exercises will help build lower body curves and supersets on the biceps and triceps (bicep curls and tricep pull-downs) will provide arms to be envied.”

Jenna, working with not-for-profit advice website, added: “Keep your workouts initially focusing on the full body and then move on to enhancing best features three to six months into a routine.”