How people with cancer can now enjoy 'safe' spa treatments

Cancer patients can enjoy the benefits of spa treatments in future, knowing they are in capable hands.

The founder of ESPA, Sue Harmsworth MBE, linked with leaders in the spa industry to create the Standard Authority for Touch in Cancer Care.

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This new recognised standard of training will enable those affected by cancer to find appropriately qualified spa therapists, and safe spa treatments, from the time of diagnosis to remission.

One in two people in the UK is likely to experience cancer at some point. During breast cancer awareness month, there is grave concern over the number of missed or late cancer diagnoses, and what the consequence of these could be.

With reports over two million people are waiting for NHS cancer screening, tests and treatments as a result of COVID-19, the SATCC offers a database to search spas with therapists trained to provide beneficial treatments for cancer sufferers.

Sue Harmsworth, who founded ESPA in 1992 and has designed over 600 spas worldwide, said: “Hearing you have cancer can evoke a range of emotions from anger and disbelief to shock and sorrow, all of which compound the physical toll of the disease and its treatments.

“Every person diagnosed with cancer copes in their own way, and our aim at SATCC is to ensure spas and wellness therapies remain an option for those dealing with what will possibly be one of the greatest challenges they’ll face.”

She added: “Together, as the spa industry, we have a duty to embrace those living with cancer and to help enhance their lives.”

Over 50 years’ of holistic wellness and spa experience spurred Sue to establish SATCC with accredited UK spa industry partners including and Think Tree Hub.

“It’s time for the wellness, spa and beauty industry to wholeheartedly support those living with cancer and offer treatments that positively impact their mental and physical wellbeing.

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“SATCC will create clarity for the spa industry and give confidence to consumers about the availability of safe treatments for those who have suffered from cancer.”

Abi Selby, founder of – a founding partner of SATCC – said: “We’ve spent a decade lobbying for and implementing change to ensure those living with cancer are not excluded from spas and wellness treatments so we warmly welcome SATCC.

“We are committed to supporting SATCC and plan to work closely with them and our industry partners to ensure both spa therapists and spa users get the advice and support they need, at a time when it is even more confusing to navigate what is open and available than ever due to C-19.” has launched ‘Safe Hands for Cancer’, a collection of spas that are SATCC-accredited.

Abi added: “Access to appropriate treatments offered by trained therapists is going to be much easier and I’m delighted remains at the vanguard of the movement to open up spas to people with cancer.”, an online professional association for the complementary and spa therapy industry is also an SATCC founding partner.

Kush Kumar, CEO said: “As a member of the SATCC, I believe in the key standards and messages of support, guidance, training and application of massage on those touched by cancer.

“The focus and intention of SATCC is to make massage for those touched by cancer accessible to all.”

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