Here's how the Stalk Market works in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and how to make Bells quick through the Turnip Exchange

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a placid and cutesy simulation of island life, perfectly timed to act as a foil to lockdown anxieties and quarantine uncertainty.

As you tend to your once deserted island in Nintendo's new game, let your cares float away; in Animal Crossing, there's nothing to worry about.

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Well, that's not strictly true. There is the small matter of the money you own to the entrepreneurial Tom Nook, a loan in good faith for setting up the island experience in the first place.

Once that's paid off, you'll want to expand your house. That'll cost you too. Then you'll have to furnish it, and make all sorts of expenditures to upgrade your island and attract new residents...

Despite Animal Crossing's cutesy trapping, players are still slaves to a capitalist monetary system; the game's poison of choice in exchange for good and services? Bells.

The currency can be earned quickly through a number of savvy means. One of those methods involves the buying and selling of turnips, essentially the game's answer to the stock market.

Like investing in stocks, the turnip system can be a little hard to get your head around. So let us be your guide; you'll be a "bellionaire" in no time!

How does the Stalk Market work?

Turnips are only available to buy at a specific time during the week.

They're sold by Daisy Mae, who will appear on your island between 5am and 12 noon on Sunday mornings.

When you find her, talk to her to buy turnips; bundles of the root vegetable are limited to 10, but you can buy an unlimited number of these bundles, depending how much of an investment you want to risk.

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Now this is where some financial savvy comes in - the price of each turnip can vary between 90 and 100 Bells. It's recommended you buy when they're valued under 100 Bells.

How do I sell turnips at a profit?

Once you have your stalk stock, the idea is to try and sell them on at a profit.

You can sell your turnips at the Nook's Cranny shop from Monday through to Saturday (you can't sell them on Sundays).

But it's not quite as simple as that. The buying prices of turnips fluctuate throughout the week, and you'll want to keep your eyes out for the highest prices if you want to turn(ip) the biggest profit.

Prices per turnip can range anyway from a measly 15 Bells, to an eye-watering 800 Bells. Typically though, they'll be in the range of 50 - 200 Bells.

There will be two different prices per day - with the change occurring at noon - so you'll want to check back with Timmy and Tommy regularly to grab the best prices.

Things to keep in mind

It's worth remembering a few things when you're bartering on the Stalk Market.

For one, turnips will rot by the next week's Sunday, meaning you can't just hoard them if you're not satisfied with selling prices throughout the week. Once they're rotten, they're no good to anybody.

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Secondly, bundles of turnips will take up a slot in your inventory, and can't be stored in your house's storage.

So you can't overload yourself on neeps and hope for the best; they'll take up space usually reserved for more valuable tools.

How does the Turnip Exchange work?

The community around Animal Crossing is a crafty one, and already fans have come up with a way of capitalising on the Stalk Market through the game's online capabilities.

The Turnip Exchange acts as a fast and easy way to crowdsource big returns on the market, and allows players to find and visit other gamers' islands where the daily turnip prices are highest.

Through Turnip Exchange, you can search for live turnip prices across users' islands, exchange other items and even host users from around the world to your own island!

More information on Turnip Exchange and how it works can be found on the website

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for Nintendo Switch

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