Here are some of the best parties and things to do around the UK if you're single this Valentine's

Valentine's Day is here! Welcome words for the happily partnered, feared by the forever alone (with many an exception to both rules).

If you fall into the latter camp, you might be looking to spend the day as far away from any couples as you possibly can.

Of course, anything a couple can do, a singleton can do better and with more freedom, so the very notion of an event for single people is an odd one.

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    But nonetheless, if you're still looking for the best way to spend some valuable time on yourself this Valentine's Day, here are a few suggestions from around the country:

    Speed Date

    While a lot of people who find themselves single on Valentine's Day will be relishing it and making the most of their freedoms, others will be wanting to rectify the fact as soon as possible.

    While speed dating is a tried and tested formula, the idea of talking to strangers 30 seconds at a time can sound rather awkward and tedious.

    Thankfully, plenty of places are putting a spin on it, like Devil’s Cut in Edinburgh, who are hosting a speed dating night during which women are given the name of a female movie character and the men are given her male counterpart’s name - like Romeo and Juliet.

    The aim is to wander around, get chatting and try and find someone who is your other half. If you find your match then you can collect a prize from the lucky dip.

    Tickets are £15; you can learn more about the event and book online here.

    While they're not hosting an official speed dating event, the Roxy Ball Room in Leeds - home to ping pong tables, pool, a nine hole mini golf course, and beer pong stations - could be the perfect place to meet others while proving your competitive worth.

    Go to the cinema

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    We're not suggesting you subject yourself to canoodling cuddles down at your local multiplex, rather you take advantage of one of the many special screenings being put on across the country specifically for singletons.

    There are loads, but the Prince Charles Cinema's "Galentines" double bill of Lady Bird and Booksmart goes above and beyond with its screenings of contemporary classics fit for the occasion.

    Hang Out with Animals

    Maison de Moggy (also in Edinburgh) is Scotland’s first cat cafe and is situated in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh.

    Treat yourself to some cake and a cup of tea whilst you’re surrounded by furry friends - the presence of cats makes for a therapeutic and calming environment.Check out the menu, the cats and find out more about booking a space online on the Maison de Moggy website here.

    Go completely 'anti-Valentines'

    Most people can let Valentine's Day go as the silly but harmless greetings card holiday that it is, but some will be stuck in an annual cycle of resentment towards the day for ever more.

    Those people would be best served by events like Bongo’s Bingo Anti-Valentine's events, where on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 February there'll be liberal Coco Pop showers, gin-infused dance offs and driving your loved one home on a mobility scooter at a bonkers game of bingo.

    Events can be found in Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Leeds, Shrewsbury, and Hull.

    Similarly, The Palm in Sunderland will be celebrating all things solo with their Beyonce All The Single Ladies Night, where there'll be a tribute Beyonce live act, DJs and drinks on arrival.

    Over in Manchester, YES are promising The Most Depressing Valentines Of Your Life, with a power-ballad-fuelled soundtrack spanning everyone from Whitney and Mariah to Meatloaf and Aerosmith.

    Celebrate the wrong thing

    Why celebrate Valentine's when you could celebrate an entirely different occasion?

    OK, so the Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park are still clinging on to V-Day with their Love is in the Scare event, but what could be more Halloween that being let loose among a cast of ghouls with nothing but a glow stick to light your way.