Heardle answer for April 3: Clues to help you guess plus song revealed for today’s music puzzle

Heardle is the music game akin to Wordle, where guessing a song as quickly as you can, gets you more points. Here are clues and the answer for April 3

Today’s (April 3) Heardle answer has been revealed and the mystery song is courtesy of one of the most famous musicians around - who endured a very public breakup with two of Canada’s biggest artists.

The mystery songstress got her big break on children’s television programme, Barney, when she was just a child but really made a name for herself on a huge Disney show back in the late noughties, where she played a certain wizard named Alex - that’s all for clues!

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If you’ve never played, Heardle is a music game you can play via a website app where you listen to the introduction of a song, with the goal of the game to guess the artist and title in as few turns as possible.

You can get multiple skips to reveal more of the song, up to a maximum of 16 seconds. Skip after that and the song is revealed giving you a grand total of 0 points.

Of course, the quicker you guess the song and the fewer skips you use, the more points you will receive. Most songs provided on the app are tunes released in the last 10 years, so you need to brush up on recent music to be successful.

However, older music lovers still stand a chance, as remastered tracks also make it on the app, such as today’s song. If you have had too many attempts to guess the tune and don’t want to lose your winning streak, scroll down for the answer…

What is today’s Heardle song? (April 3)

Today’s Heardle is: Lose You To Love Me - Selena Gomez (2020)

Heardle - Spotify’s audible answer to the runaway success of WorldleHeardle - Spotify’s audible answer to the runaway success of Worldle
Heardle - Spotify’s audible answer to the runaway success of Worldle | Spotify

"Lose You to Love Me" topped the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Gomez’s first number one song on the chart. Outside of the United States, "Lose You to Love Me" topped the charts in Canada and the Republic of Ireland, and peaked within the top ten of the charts in many countries, including Australia, Belgium, Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.



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