First 'alternative prison' for women

The Scottish Prison Service have released pictures of what Scotland's first 'alternative prison' for women will look like.

The pictures of the proposed Community Custody Unit (CCU) were unveiled to the public at a drop-in information event in Glasgow.

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It gave the public an opportunity to give feedback on plans and residents also found out that the site of the will be at the former Maryhill Health Centre.

The 'alternative prison' will be one of two units to be opened in Scotland, with the Maryhill site managing 'lower-risk female prisoners' who will stay in the venue.

Dame Elish Angiolini, former Lord Advocate of Scotland, said: "If it is the community then it will be people from the community who will be there.

"They are going to these units because prison will not do them any good.

"People want crime to stop but when people go to prison they become better criminals because they meet people who can teach them how.

"The units are about changing behaviour, giving them skills and breaking that pattern of crime.

"We talk about the importance of early years and early years starts with the mother, by getting them out of the cycle of crime."

The CCU was created by the Scottish Government as part of their efforts to reduce reoffending.

But previously Maryhill residents voiced their concerns that the CCU would bring trouble to the area.

The CCU will provide facilities for around 20 women and is due to open by the end of 2020.