Eurovision 2023 tickets: Five top tips for booking a seat at this year’s song contest in Liverpool

Experts have offered their top five tips to getting tickets to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool

Tickets for the highly anticipated Eurovision Song Contest 2023 are set to go on sale this Tuesday (March 7). Searches for ‘Eurovision tickets’ have increased by a whopping 913% in the UK in the past year.

This means tickets for Eurovision, set to be held in Liverpool this year, will be very much in demand as the UK prepares to host Eurovision for the first time in 25 years. Taking place at the M&S Bank Arena, the venue has a capacity of 11,000.

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Despite Ukraine having won the contest in 2022, due to the country’s ongoing war with Russia, they were unable to play host to this year’s event. Organisters, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), instead invited runners up, the UK, to do so on their behalf.

This will be the ninth time the contest has come to the UK. London hosted in 1960, 1963, 1968 and 1977, Edinburgh took on the job in 1972, in 1974 Brighton was chosen, before Harrogate in 1982 and finally Birmingham in 1998.

According to Statista, just shy of nine million people tuned in to the 2022 Eurovision song contest on TV, and tickets are expected to sell out very quickly. Luckily, the ticket buying experts at TicketSource have revealed their five insider tips on how to give yourself the best chance at getting tickets.

1. Preparation is key

Before tickets go on sale, make sure you know the exact date and time tickets will be available. Be sure to set alarms or reminders for 5 to 10 minutes before tickets go on sale so that you can get all of the relevant web pages open and ready for when the sale begins.

Make sure you know the types of tickets that you want or where you want to be seated so that you can carry out the ticket selection process efficiently and not waste any of your checkout time.

2. Register for all sales

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As well as a general sale, shows and festivals often have a ticket presale, which provides multiple opportunities to buy the tickets you want. Sign up for any pre-sales you’re eligible for, such as ticket retailers or artists’ fan presales, usually available by signing up for accounts or to their mailing lists.

3. Use all ticket retailers

Often tickets for events will be available across multiple ticket retailers’ websites, so make sure you check where tickets will be sold ahead of time. When it comes to the tickets going on sale, make sure you open multiple tabs and try all of the available websites for tickets, as this will increase your chances of securing them.

4. Don’t give up

The ticket retailer will be its busiest as soon as tickets go on sale and all this site traffic can sometimes cause issues. Even if an event appears to be sold out on the ticket website, this is not always the case. Sometimes there is an error or site traffic is too high and it may seem like tickets are unavailable - however if that happens, make sure you continue checking and looking for tickets over the next few hours. More tickets may appear and this could be your chance to secure them.

5. Second chance tickets

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If you missed out on getting tickets for any reason, all hope is not lost. Ticket apps such as DICE often have waiting lists for events you can join so if any ticket holders return theirs, you have a chance to grab one.



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