Eurovision 2023: How to vote - Eurovision app frustrates users in voting ‘mishap’

The error frustrated lots of Eurovision fans as they couldn’t vote in the way they expected

Eurovision Song Contest fans have been left frustrated in a voting mishap. Fans who downloaded the app were shocked to find that they couldn’t vote directly through it.

Instead, fans have to dial a number even after having downloaded the app. 

Participants are shown in order of appearance. 

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The Eurovision Song Contest app shows a list of the acts you can vote for in order of appearance. The app notes that the price per vote is 15p and there are a maximum of 20 votes per phone number.

The app shows a button under each act that links the phone user to a number they need to dial to vote. The move effectively renders the app useless in terms of voting.

Eurovision watchers on Twitter have complained about the Eurovision app. Instead of quickly being able to vote, users are sent to the website where the numbers are.

Can you vote for free?

Votes cost 15p per call, whether you vote via the app or through the website. It’s against the Eurovision rules to vote for your home country’s act, so those from the UK cannot vote for entrant Mae Muller.

If you vote through the app you can get a special video message from your chosen act. The Eurovision app is available on iOS, Windows and Android devices.



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