Enjoy UK from the warmth and comfort of your car: Best winter drives

The freedom of the road on a winter drive

Get together with friends for a great winter drive (Drobot Dean - stock.adobe.com)
Get together with friends for a great winter drive (Drobot Dean - stock.adobe.com)

The freedom of the road on a winter drive

With almost a quarter of a million miles of roadway filling the UK, driving is very often thought to be a monotonous task filled with traffic lights, static views and delays.

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Those living in the UK are truly blessed with contrasting landscapes, untouched nature spots and areas of natural beauty, with some even featuring on our screens in popular shows such as Game of Thrones!

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Get together with friends for a great winter drive (Drobot Dean - stock.adobe.com)

The car leasing experts at LeaseElectricCar.co.uk have rounded up some of the most scenic drives for those looking to explore the country before the springtime.

With fewer drivers on the road and low season accommodation rates for those looking to get more than a day’s worth of exploring from their road trip, the colder months are ideal for long drives.

Top spots include Cornwall, Northern Scotland and what is considered to be one of the most iconic natural beauty spots hidden away in Somerset.

A spokesperson from LeaseElectricCar.co.uk said: “We love the idea of taking long, slow drives around some of our most beloved spots of natural beauty.

“With so much to explore in the UK, we are offering advice to drivers who are wondering where they should go over the next couple of months. Motorists should put on a calming playlist, turn up their heating and ensure they find safe places to stop along their route before setting off to avoid driving dangerously.”

Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland is a great winter drive
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This scenic drive is loved by many, including those on the set of Game of Thrones. The long road surrounded by roughly 150 cascading arched beech trees has featured as the background for a few of the dramatic scenes in the insanely popular series.

Snowdonia, Wales

A winding road in Snowdonia, Wales (photo: adobe.com)

Although famous for its walking routes, this spot is also a delight for those wanting to drive through and stay toasty in their motors. Through the winter months the surroundings really come alive, when the greens and browns of the landscape are capped with bright white frost and snow.

Windermere, Lake District

A great winter drive in the Lake District (photo: Reimar - stock.adobe.com)

This beautiful northern location hosts the largest natural lake in England. During the colder months, drivers passing the lake are able to enjoy unmatched views of the still cold lake and the charming surrounding towns with the backdrop of the well-loved moors and peaks in the area.

Dunnet Head, Northern Scotland

The road leading from the lighthouse at the most northerly point on the UK mainland in Dunnet, Northern Scotland (photo: mountaintreks - stock.adobe.com)

As mainland Scotland’s most northern point, Dunnet Head is reachable via the A9 and offers views of some of the UK’s most abundant winter wildlife for those wanting to park up and keep their eye out. The dark winter skies here come alive with the incredible phenomenon of the Northern lights to those lucky enough to be there at the right time.

Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

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The coastal road sweeps above Whitsand Bay and is truly a sight to be seen for all motorists. The road allows drivers to have uninterrupted views of five miles of the sandy beach, blue sea and beach huts clinging on to rugged cliffs. During the colder winter months, this route allows drivers to enjoy the beauties of the beach without facing the stark cold winds.

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

This beauty spot is widely considered to be one of the UK’s greatest natural wonders. Magnificent cliff faces mirror each other on each side of the meandering road, encouraging drivers to explore further into the majestic limestone pass. Further along the route, the cliffs are replaced by trees with just as much beauty and awe.

Buttertubs Pass, Yorkshire Dales

Winding through the beloved Yorkshire Dales, this route can be especially busy during the summer months, so any curious motorists should set off to enjoy the glorious views and greenery surrounding the famous road during the winter months.

Lincolnshire Wolds

Those driving through the Lincolnshire Wolds can enjoy 216 square miles of unspoilt countryside, hidden valleys and picturesque hills. On a crisp, still day the Wolds are a true winter wonderland.