Emily Maitlis praises wrong Tom for Prince Harry ITV interview - who is 7 time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady?

The interview aired on ITV earlier this week

Prince Harry has been on the interview circuit in the last few days giving insight into why he decided to separate from the Royal Family. Amongst those conducting the interviews was ITV’s Tom Bradby.

Now with Global at LBC, former Newsnight presenter,  Emily Maitlis took to Twitter to congratulate fellow political journalist Bradby,  for his interview with Prince Harry, but ended up aiming the message at a very different account on Twitter. Instead of mentioning Tom Bradby  in her congratulatory tweet, Maitlis tagged NFL quarterback star, Tom Brady.

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She wrote: “Great interview by @TomBrady. This is fundamentally a tragic story of a kid who lost his mother in the most appalling circumstances - and never found the support to emerge from that darkness.”

Jon Sopel, who hosts podcast ‘The News Agents’ alongside Maitlis, responded to point out the error. He said: “Hey Maitlis - would be one helluva scoop if this int had been done by America’s quarterback.”

Another Twitter user replied to the Tweet to say “Didn’t know Brady did interviews. Pretty talented guy to play football and interview princes.” A further commenter said: “The funniest thing about this whole business is you missing one letter off the name of the person you want to tag & getting the World’s greatest ever Quarterback, Tom Brady! I’m sure that you meant @tombradby. You have caused much amusement.”

Who is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay BuccaneersTom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Getty Images

Tom Brady, who was on the receiving end of a congratulatory message he surely never thought he’d ever receive, is 45 years-old and is one of the most successful and well known players in NFL history. He has won the Super Bowl seven times and been awarded the Super Bowl MVP on five occasions.

Brady will be most remembered for his many years playing for the New England Patriots. He currently plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have reached the play-offs in the NFL this season  It is rumoured that Brady will retire at the end of the current season but regardless of what happens he  will  be forever celebrated as the greatest player of all time by countless American football fans.



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