Doorbell video captures ‘big flash of light’ as ‘loud bang’ heard across Derbyshire

A doorbell video captured a ‘big flash of light’ as a ‘loud bang’ was heard by residents.

A doorbell camera captured a ‘big flash of light’ as a ‘loud bang’ was heard. Residents of Clay Cross, Danesmoor, North Wingfield and Wingerworth in Derbyshire reported the loud explosion and a ‘big flash of light’ during the early hours.

One Wingerworth's resident, Hannah Bagnall, managed to capture the flash of light on her doorbell camera. Many shared their confusion and fears on Facebook, wondering what had happened.

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Katie Allen said: “Anyone else just experienced a loud bang, buzzing sound and a big flash of light? Very confused.” Kirsty Dear added: “I saw and heard it and it woke the husband up - lamp also flickered. Was bloody scary as didn't expect to hear it.”

Charlotte Simpson said: “We’ve never jumped up so quick! It lit our bedroom up. There’s police on the park.” Heather Rodgers replied: “My daughter heard it and saw the sky light up green.”

Andy Dabell chipped in: “I heard an electrical sounding loud buzz, then the neighbours alarms went off.”

Derbyshire Police confirmed the noise was caused by an issue with an electrical unit but officers did not have further involvement.



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